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ClearSpan Structures Offer Excellent Air Exchange

April 11, 2019     Processing aggregate materials will often stir up dust-like remnants into the air. This was a common occurrence for ClearSpan customer Proton Power, who regularly use a woodchip grinder. The grinding process often emits woodchip particles into the air that would be unhealthy for workers to inhale on a regular basis. Fortunately, […]

Understanding Preventative Maintenance for Construction Equipment

April 8, 2019    Commercial construction equipment is an investment that businesses should take proper care in maintaining. This essential machinery often comes with a hefty price tag, so there is no need to increase expenses even further with unnecessary maintenance fees. Preventative maintenance, such as storing equipment in a sheltered area out of the […]

ClearSpan Buildings Offer Durability and Peace of Mind for Users

March 29, 2019    Customers often turn to ClearSpan when in need of a cost-effective coverage solution that provides the same durability as a conventional building. This was the case with Nuark Warehouse & Logistics, who needed a structure to house the coal they store before moving it to a steel mill. Their Hercules Truss […]

The Business of Storing Aggregate Asphalt

March 21, 2019    Asphalt plants often face the ongoing battle of preventing aggregate piles from absorbing moisture. Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) are increasingly popular materials used in the paving industry, but it’s important for plants to maintain the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these aggregates with proper storage. If aggregate […]

Asphalt Pro Magazine Showcases ClearSpan Customer

March 14, 2019    Asphalt Pro recently featured a ClearSpan customer to showcase how fabric structures can create an optimal environment for storing recycled asphalt shingles (RAS). APAC-Missouri Inc. uses a ClearSpan fabric structure to ensure aggregate piles remain dry and sheltered, keeping profits and product intact. To read the full article on the Asphalt […]

MSW Management Highlights ClearSpan Customer Success

Feb. 27, 2019    ClearSpan recently contributed an article to MSW Management, a journal for municipal solid waste professionals, on their customer’s success with a Hercules Truss Arch Building. To read the full article in the MSW Management digital issue, click here. The purchase of a Hercules Truss Building is instrumental in the sustainability of […]

The Ultimate Construction Storage Building

December 6, 2018    Wear and tear are unavoidable when it comes to most purchases someone makes, but preserving a purchase for as long as possible is the ultimate goal. Take a car for example, it must be well-maintained to last and be worth the investment, and the same thing goes for construction equipment and […]

Organic Compost Farmers Find Relief Under a Truss Arch Structure

September 27, 2018    In Peoria, Illinois, Paul and June Rosenbohm take pride in working diligently on their organic composting facility. Their premium, EPA-approved compost is located on a sprawling, 20-acre farm and is turned using windrows. Once the couple secured their composting permit, they began to accept a variety of food scraps from neighboring […]

Fabric Structures: The Ideal Setting for Waste and Recycling Processing

Sept 14, 2018 Businesses that process waste and recycling materials have to contend with more than just day-to-day waste management. It’s equally important to keep materials organized and dry while maintaining good air quality, which is not an easy task when the materials are damp, odorous or hazardous. That’s why structures for dumps and recycling […]