Hospital Structures & Medical Tents

Temporary hospital buildings and medical testing structures – in-house installation available

ClearSpan designs the finest rapidly deployable medical tents, temporary hospital buildings, medial testing structures and drive through medical buildings. ClearSpan can get these hospital tents and medical structures shipped quickly, and with in-house installation services, these buildings can be fully functional in a matter of days. ClearSpan buildings are the premier solution for emergency medical response and pandemic testing.

ClearSpan medical structures and hospital buildings can be quickly and easily relocated multiple times. They feature minimal foundation requirements, so they can be deployed just about anywhere. They cant act as a medical tent, but provide the strength and security of an actual building and meet local building codes. ClearSpan medical structures provide wide open spaces and have no support posts, so communities can utilize every square inch of their structure.

The ClearSpan Medical Building Advantage includes:

  • Maximum Durability – Safe for community use.
  • Can meet local building codes.
  • Multiple foundation options – Build just about anywhere.
  • Low cost per square foot.
  • Permanent or temporary designs.
  • Natural light for reduced costs – Energy-efficient design.
  • Natural ventilation – Fresh, healthy environments.
  • Industry-leading warranties.

 Temporary Medical Buildings With Ultimate Strength

No matter how communities use their medical structure, they can be sure they’re getting a building of the highest quality. Each structure is made with triple-galvanized steel, so they can withstand the harshest environments. ClearSpan provides a choice of metal or fabric covers. ClearSpan’s famous fabric cladding allows natural light to filter through, so communities can cut electrical costs. The cover also has a rip-stop weave design to stop any potential tears before they begin. Each building is backed by industry-leading warranties, so each structure can be used for decades to come.

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