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ClearSpan Structures has been providing superior building solutions for over four decades. Although we’ve grown into the industry-leading manufacturer of metal and fabric structures that offers numerous in-house services, including design, financing and installation, we started out as a modest, two-person operation.

ClearSpan was founded back in 1979 when Barry Goldsher and Chuck Clark started the company to meet the needs of local farmers. As a farmer himself, Barry was unsatisfied with the selection and cost of agricultural products. Our company was founded with the idea that customers deserve the highest-quality products at the most competitive prices and exceptional service, and to this day, this is still our mission.

As we grew, ClearSpan looked to expand on our Connecticut headquarters, so we moved our manufacturing to Dyersville, Iowa, while our other departments remained in Connecticut. The expansive 60 acre Dyersville campus features a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes several ClearSpan buildings, so our structures are actually manufactured in our very own metal and fabric buildings. The Dyersville facility was recently expanded in a multi-year, $10 million project that ended in 2019 with a brand new 94,000 square foot facility. Our Dyersville campus is home to hundreds of employees, and since it is centrally located, we are able to quickly and efficiently ship our buildings to anywhere in North America.

Over our history, ClearSpan has worked on thousands of projects across dozens of industries, providing custom and turnkey building solutions that are both unique and functional. We’ve become renowned for our versatile structures, which have earned the nickname “Buildings of 1,000 Uses.”

When purchasing a structure from ClearSpan, our customers can rest assured that they will receive the exceptional service that ClearSpan is known for. Our Building Specialists have years of experience working within the industry, so they can offer invaluable advice and suggestions throughout the entire building process, ensuring that customers get a structure that is ideal for their operation.

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