Winter Boat Storage

Dependable Winter Boat Storage Solutions

Winterizing boats takes time and effort, and when boats go into storage for the winter, they need to be housed in a dependable structure that can withstand harsh winter weather. ClearSpan winter boat storage buildings provide the protection and security that boat owners seek during the winter months. Whether you’re looking to store one boat or dozens, ClearSpan has designs to suit your needs and can tailor buildings to your exact specifications. Our buildings are constructed from durable materials and can be engineered to withstand regional snow and wind loads, and our designs feature high clearances and no internal support posts, ensuring the maximum usable space and easy boat, equipment and machinery maneuverability. ClearSpan buildings can be insulated and outfitted with heaters, so you can have a comfortable, enjoyable environment in the dead of winter. Best of all, after winter is over, our versatile structures can be used for other storage needs, repair shops, boat workspace or any other marine need. 

Give your winterized boats the protection they need with a ClearSpan winter storage structure. Our custom designs ensure the easiest and most convenient winter storage.