Metal Building Foundations


ClearSpan can offer an effective foundation solution for any project. ClearSpan Metal Buildings are constructed on a durable, poured concrete foundations. These foundations provide a sturdy and dependable base, while also providing a versatile interior workspace that provides the ultimate in design flexibility. 

The ClearSpan metal building foudation advantage includes:

  • Maximum dependability and durability
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Fire resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Won’t rot
  • Reduced buckling and bowing
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick installation

ClearSpan can help customers create a foundation that isn’t prone to buckling or bowing, ensuring that not only does their ClearSpan building last for decades into the future, but so does the foundation. ClearSpan has the ideal foundation solution to help any project thrive, no matter the challenges or unique circumstances a customer may face.

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