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Oil and Gas Exploration – Unparalleled Working Environments

Oil and gas exploration throughout the United States continues to rise. As a result, ClearSpan Fabric Structures, the industry leader in economical building solutions, creates unparalleled working environments for oil and gas professionals who need a structure fast, while keeping their budget in check. Choose ClearSpan for a wide variety of applications, including oil and gas field warehouses, manufacturing and fabrication facilities, general, equipment and machinery storage, drilling and crane barge shelters, crude oil containment, emergency apparatus storage, live-in shelters, recreational facilities and more.

ClearSpan buildings are situated all throughout North America and the world, and for onshore and offshore exploration, ClearSpan has an economical and custom building solution for you.

“The spacious interior with no support posts is very unique and allows full access to the shop floor.”

-Nick Jones

Oilfield Steel Supply (OSS) commenced operations on May 1, 2013 to provide a plethora of mechanical tubing, bar and other necessary products for the oil and gas drilling industry. Read More

In just over a year, the company went from local distribution covering the greater Eagle Ford Basin area, to customers all throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America and Singapore.

In order to successfully manufacture their oilfield product line, CEO Nick Jones needed to find a sustainable warehouse solution for their 20 acres of land in suburban Houston. “As a new organization, there was no warehouse facility on site,” explained Jones. “We explored both traditional and non-traditional structures to address functionality, appearance and cost.”

As a result, Oilfield Steel Supply selected an 83’ wide by 200’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building from ClearSpan Fabric Structures. After conducting an online search for warehouse buildings, Jones gained instant gratification from the ClearSpan team throughout the entire design and engineering process. From the 32’ wide ClearSpan™ Giant Door that allows longer products – such as pipe and tubing – direct access into the building, to the overall benefits of working indoors, Jones has been very satisfied.

“The spacious interior with no support posts is very unique and allows full access to the shop floor,” added Jones. “The building also allows a great deal of natural light to flow through. That, paired with cross-breezes from the door openings, ridge vents and exhaust fans, makes it a comfortable working environment for all of our employees, even on the very hot summer days we typically see in Texas.”

What’s more, Jones said that they continuously receive amazing feedback from customers and others who see the building. ClearSpan also designed the company signage and installed it on one of the eaves of the building, which can be seen from miles away, providing OSS the exposure they desire.

From concept to completion, the overall cost of the building is one of the things Jones has been most pleased with. “ClearSpan was very helpful during the design process and the engineer we worked with was not only helpful and responsive, but very knowledgeable,” stated Jones. “The building is an excellent value. Order to installation was very fast and the structure provides a very comfortable and safe working environment. ClearSpan was clearly the right choice!”

Building Profiles

Our oil & gas buildings come in fabric, hybrid and metal buildings, ensuring that no matter how you plan on using your ClearSpan structure, there is an ideal option.

  • Round Style

  • Gable Style

  • Hybrid Style

  • Metal Style