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Compost Storage Buildings – Improve Manure Management on Any Operation

ClearSpan Fabric Structures provides ideal composting conditions that can be designed to the needs of any operation. A ClearSpan compost storage building can improve efficiency by creating an all-weather facility that eliminates many of the environmental risks that accompany composting. These structures encourage high nutrient retention and protect against the extremes of the sun, wind and rain, which can all adversely affect the balance of manure piles. With maximum ventilation, ClearSpan structures can improve air quality and create the perfect manure decomposition and handling environment. 

ClearSpan buildings can be built up to 300′ wide and at any length. With plenty of clearance, compost management is simple. The buildings accommodate even the largest vehicles and machinery. The buildings don’t have internal support posts, so skid steers, conveyors, pay loaders, windrow turning equipment and more can be easily operated within the building.

The ClearSpan Compost Building Advantage includes: 

  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Environmentally friendly – Limits contamination
  • Maximum ventilation – Improved air quality, less odor
  • Drastically limits runoff – Maintain a healthy surrounding environment
  • Natural lighting reduce electricity needs 
  • Custom, stock and turnkey designs available
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 years on frame, 20 years on fabric covers

Managing the composting process is difficult enough, so ClearSpan makes it easier by creating a controlled environment that maximizes the end product’s quality. Whether it’s sorting, shredding, screening, curing or all of these, ClearSpan makes the best compost storage structure. 

ClearSpan has a 40 year legacy of building compost structures. Over this time, ClearSpan has combined engineering expertise with manufacturing experience to ensure each customer gets exactly what they need. Compost buildings from ClearSpan are built with each customer’s solution in mind. Whether the structure will be used on a small farm or a commercial composting facility, ClearSpan will tailor each structure to the most specific building requirements. Need a building fast? ClearSpan has plenty of turnkey (includes design, delivery and installation in one, low price) and stock options. 

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Laurelbrook Farm

-East Canaan, Conn.

Challenge – Nutrient management
Solution – Four Hercules Truss Arch Buildings
Size – One 60' wide x 83' long, two 100' wide x 250' long, one 83' wide x 195' long
Application – Compost buildings

Robert Jacquier started Laurelbrook Farm in 1948 in East Canaan, Connecticut with about 15 dairy cows. Read More

As his family grew, so did the farm. In the ‘60s his son, Peter, joined him in running the farm and in 1991, Peter’s sons, Bob and Jim, entered the partnership. Now, with three generations of the Jacquier family managing the farm, they milk 800 cows and crop 2,500 acres. As a concentrated animal feeding operation, federal regulations required the Jacquiers to establish a nutrient-management program to prevent contamination of surface and ground water with animal waste. To comply with regulations and also earn additional revenue, the family decided to create compost from the manure. “We were composting a portion of the manure outdoors, which was challenging.” Bob explained, “Because of rainfall, there was the potential for an environmental problem, and the quality of the product was jeopardized because we couldn’t regulate moisture levels.”

To gain more environmental control over their composting operation, the Jacquiers decided to look into compost structures. Supported financially and technically by the CT DEP, the EPA and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the family chose four ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. “We chose ClearSpan because we felt their product was better than all of the competition and that the structures would stand up best in an environment with high ammonia and moisture,” said Bob. “We have been longtime customers of ClearSpan’s affiliated company, FarmTek and we know that they provide excellent customer service and quality products.” He continued, “ClearSpan understands the needs of the agricultural industry; they understand the environment that the building is going to be in.”

Using the structures as compost buildings is a success for Laurelbrook Farm, according to Bob. “We enjoy having the clearance to operate equipment inside the structures and to maneuver product and sell it right from the building.” With ridge vents installed, air is able to exit the structures quickly and controlling moisture is easier, resulting in better quality compost. Bob noted, “We are able to market our compost as a drier product. Customers like it because it’s better to handle, and it’s lighter so more volume can be transported per truck without it being overweight.”

With their structures designed to compost 100 yards per day, the Jacquiers have ideas for expanding into new markets with their compost sales. “We’re currently selling our compost mainly to homeowners and garden centers. Our future goals are to do some bagging with compost and potting soil, and to also target athletic fields and golf courses with our compost as a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers,” Bob explained. For any farmer looking to develop a similar nutrient management program, Bob suggested, “Come look at our operation. I think anyone would see for themselves that this works and is the best alternative to other composting methods.”

To learn more about how ClearSpan helped Laurelbrook Farm, contact Bob Jacquier at or 860.824.1287.

Building Profiles

Our compost buildings come in fabric, hybrid and metal buildings, ensuring that no matter how you plan on using your ClearSpan structure, there is an ideal option.

  • Round Style

  • Gable Style

  • Hybrid Style

  • Metal Style