Hay, Feed & Grain Storage Building

ClearSpan Feed Storage Barns – Quality Hay Requires a Quality Hay Barn

ClearSpan Fabric Structures provides more value than just the average hay shed or hay barn. ClearSpan feed storage barns create a dry environment, so every operation gets the most out of its hay and feed. Each structure can be designed to specific operational needs, and they can be used to store any kind of feed, from square bales of hay to flat grain storage. A storage structure from ClearSpan utilizes a unique truss arch design that offers several advantages, including wider profiles without support poles and taller sidewalls. This helps maximize storage capacity and allows equipment to be easily operated within the structure. Like every ClearSpan building, they come at a low cost per square foot and provide beneficial natural ventilation.

The ClearSpan Feed Storage Building and Hay Shed Advantage includes:

  • Structures maintain feed quality
  • Plentiful space to store grain, hay and feed
  • Cleaner & drier environments
  • Reduces condensation, mold & bacteria
  • Natural ventilation
  • Limits dry matter loss
  • Low maintenance & cost effective

ClearSpan can construct the best hay shed or hay storage barn for any feed storage need. These feed and hay barns are not only economical, but also extremely efficient. They provide increased accessibility year-round, and by their design a ClearSpan hay barn is easy to keep clean and well organized.

The ClearSpan legacy spans nearly 40 years and includes the highest-quality building storage solutions. The decision to add a hay storage structure may seem like a simple one when the savings of dry matter and quality are considered. However, building the structure can seem like a daunting task. ClearSpan makes that task as easy as possible. ClearSpan has custom, stock and turnkey options, and can provide all the necessary designing, engineering and installation. This ensures every operation gets their ideal feed and grain storage building, while benefitting from one of the industry’s shortest construction timelines.

Owning a ClearSpan feed storage facility will provide peace of mind and the all-weather protection needed for operational success. Contact a ClearSpan Building Specialist today to get more information about hay, feed and grain storage solutions, or Request a Quote