Salvage Business

Salvage and Recycling Buildings — Wide-Open Space, Exceptional Height

Salvage businesses and recycling centers require non-corrosive structures, and ClearSpan creates the most durable, corrosion-resistant, cost-effective structures that can stand up to any environment and are easy to expand or relocate. Our salvage buildings utilize a clear span design that features no support posts and plenty of clearance, so there is no interference with forklifts, racks, loaders, conveyors or any other heavy machinery. While many salvage and recycling businesses struggle with air quality, ClearSpan buildings provide natural ventilation for a more enjoyable environment. Using a ClearSpan structure for your salvage business allows you to utilize natural lighting, minimizing energy costs year-round.   

From parts buildings, recycling sales offices, transfer stations, equipment storage and more, ClearSpan has a structure that can be customized for any salvage business need.