Sand & Salt Storage Buildings

The Ideal Sand and Salt Storage Building

ClearSpan sand and salt storage structures are a fast, economical solution for sand and salt storage. Experience speedy sand deployment as trucks, loaders and plows can drive inside and easily maneuver throughout, due to the high clearance and lack of internal support columns. Vehicles and equipment can be stored indoors, protected from inclement weather and freezing conditions, and sand and salt structures have enough room inside to pickle sand, further ensuring that the weather will not affect operations.

Natural ventilation and the abundant natural light that our fabric covers provide creates an atmosphere that keeps moisture and condensation from affecting the quality of sand and salt. Ensure a better quality product when storing sand in a ClearSpan structure, while also protecting the environment. Waterproof building covers keep rain and snow off of piles, eliminating the possibility of salt leaching out of mixed piles and contaminating streams, wells and groundwater where it can affect the surrounding areas. 

ClearSpan creates the industry’s finest sand and salt storage buildings, and quick construction and custom designs for any need, makes them ideal for government and municipal use.

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ClearSpan Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls: Create a storage powerhouse

ClearSpan Follows S.A.L.T.E.D

The Salt Institute recommends that salt be stored in a rooted enclosure in order to provide the most economical and environmentally safe solution. Here is how ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings match up to their recommendations.

S.A.L.T.E.D Salt Institute’s Storage Site Suggestions ClearSpan Features
  • Good visibility for operators
  • No direct access to heavily traveled roads
  • Warning signs at entrances
  • Security fencing
  • Safety for the surrounding environment
  • Sturdy, long-lasting buildings
  • Made with triple-galvanized steel
  • Warranty: 20-year covers & 50-year frames
  • Great visibility due to the natural light the fabric lets inside
  • No echoes to confuse or disrupt work flow
  • Easy access for equipment and delivery
  • Big enough for front-end loaders
  • Room for a 20-foot extension
  • Doors large enough to accommodate equipment
  • Structures can be left open ended
  • Doors that are large enough for vehicle clearance can be added
  • Can build a pony wall to increase structure’s height/sidewall clearance
  • Comply with local zoning ordinances
  • Required discharge permits
  • Engineered, stamped drawings
  • Follow wind and snow load regulations
  • Building permits may not be required
  • Make buildings as attractive as possible
  • Keep buildings well maintained
  • Good housekeeping around the storage site
  • Screening the storage site with fencing
  • Can be customized with different colors
  • No shadows
  • Can add dividers inside building
  • Can also store vehicles and other needed equipment
  • Permanent covered storage
  • Locate storage site to avoid long-distance hauling
  • Can be moved, if necessary
  • Covered enclosure prevents salt loss
  • Allows greater storage capabilities
  • Energy efficient, environmentally safe
  • Good drainage away from the stockpile
  • Sloping bituminous pads containing runoff
  • Installing retention curbs
  • Disposing salt brine in conformance with applicable federal and state regulations and local ordinances
  • Any type of drainage can be added or built within structure, if desired
  • Can install retention curbs
  • Ventilation options available, if needed