Portable Carports

ClearSpan’s Portable Car Ports offer exceptional height and wide-open space. VERSATILE FOUNDATIONS CREATE THE MOST ADAPTABLE PERMANENT OR TEMPORARY CARPORT.

ClearSpan portable car ports provide the space and clearance required to store cars and vehicles of any size or quantity. The ClearSpan design doesn’t have internal support posts, so vehicles can be conveniently organized and easily maneuvered inside the garage shelter. And with plenty of height and clearance, vehicles and cars of any size fit. These budget friendly garages can be quickly taken down, transported and reconstructed, all without losing the building’s original structural integrity, making them the right choice for every car port need.

ClearSpan portable garages feature natural ventilation, so moisture and condensation won’t accumulate, keeping cars in pristine condition. On top of that, ClearSpan buildings provide an ideal workspace. Natural light filters through the fabric covers, creating a well-lit environment that is soft on the eyes and doesn’t require artificial daytime lighting, unlike most traditional metal carports.

Provide your cars with the dependable structure that they deserve. ClearSpan has a building for every portable car port need.

The ClearSpan Portable Carport Building Advantage includes:

  • A Building of 1,000 Uses – Storage, work space and more
  • Multiple foundation options – Build just about anywhere
  • Maximum height and clearance
  • No internal support posts – Maximum useable space
  • Stock carport kits and custom designs available – Build to any size
  • Heavy-duty, triple-galvanized steel frame
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 year warranty on the frame and 20 years on the cover

Durable and Dependable Environment

These buildings are supported by triple-galvanized steel frames and covered with rip-stop fabric, providing the ultimate protection from rain, snow, heavy winds, freezing conditions and more. There are a number of foundation options to choose from, including precast or poured concrete or ClearSpan’s innovative Helical Anchoring System. Helical anchors drill directly into the ground to create a secure hold that avoids the costly, time-consuming work of excavation. While they are classified as temporary, helical anchors are durable enough to remain permanent.

ClearSpan’s portable car port buildings are easy to take down, transport and reassemble whenever necessary, providing an instant garage. As the ultimate vehicle storage solution, they combine the structural stability of steel carports with the convenience of a car canopy, as well as the necessary space to fit any cars, trucks or larger vehicles.

To find out more about ClearSpan Portable And Temporary Carport Buildings, call or Request a Quote