Music Venues

ClearSpan Music Venues – For Every Type of Performance

ClearSpan has been creating innovative, custom music venues for decades, and whether you need an enclosed theater or an open-walled structure for outdoor performances, ClearSpan has the ideal solution. Along with the much greater value they offer, ClearSpan music venue buildings offer unique features that set them apart from the standard venue and provide an enjoyable experience for attendees and staff alike.

With wonderful acoustics, concertgoers enjoy attending events in ClearSpan buildings, and the strength and durability that a ClearSpan structure provides ensures a safe environment for all in attendance. ClearSpan structures don’t rely on interior support posts, so there is maximum room for stages, seating, auxiliary rooms and more. One of the best parts of these music venues is that they can be quickly constructed and relocated, making them ideal for those that need transportable venues. Provide a comfortable concert experience with an economical ClearSpan structure that can be tailored to even the most specific needs.  

The ClearSpan Music Venue Advantage Includes:

  • Versatile music venue buildings – Storage, seating and more
  • Fabric or metal cladding
  • Low cost per square foot
  • Permanent and temporary options – Easy to relocate
  • No internal support columns – Maximum amount of usable space
  • Versatile foundation options – Helical anchors, concrete, shipping containers and more
  • Quick construction timelines
  • Energy-efficient designs – Natural light and ventilation
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

ClearSpan offers custom and turnkey designs. Each ClearSpan structure can be specifically customized to a company’s exact specifications and can provide enough room for stages, equipment and seating. Our music venue structures can be clad with fabric or metal and be built up to 300’ feet wide and at any length, making them perfect for any type of performance from music festivals and concerts to accommodating orchestras.

ClearSpan buildings are built to last, and feature triple-galvanized steel frames and ultra-durable cladding options. ClearSpan structures can be engineered to meet local or regional building codes, and with in-house financing, design, manufacturing and installation, ClearSpan makes purchasing your new music venue building simple and easy.

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