Aquaculture Buildings

ClearSpan Aquaculture Buildings – Create the Ideal Fishery, Hatchery Or Aquafarming Enclosure

ClearSpan aquaculture buildings are the perfect solution for any enclosed aquafarming operation. These structures are easy to manage and provide an environment where any business can thrive. No matter the size of the operation, ClearSpan can design an aquaculture building that functions exactly how the customer needs it to. 

ClearSpan Fabric Structures separates itself by creating buildings that ensure each customer gets the maximum amount of usable space. The structures utilize an open truss design that does not require support posts. This means that the entire floor plan is open and can be laid out in a manner that is ideal for any aquafarming business. 

The ClearSpan Aquaculture Structure Advantage includes: 

  • Comfortable atmospheres
  • Keep fish safe from predators
  • Maintain optimal tank or pond temperatures
  • Reduces contamination from herbicides, pesticides and pollution
  • Enables the production of warm water species anywhere
  • Natural ventilation maintains fresh air
  • Natural lighting reduces expenses
  • Low maintenance and cost effective 

ClearSpan can help anyone design and construct the most inviting and functional aquaculture facility. Customers can choose from a number of stock, custom and turnkey designs. No building requirement is too small, and ClearSpan’s Building Specialists ensure that each operation gets the structure that is right for them. ClearSpan aquaculture buildings can be engineered to withstand weather extremes in any region and to meet any municipal building codes.

Customers find the ClearSpan process simple and hassle free. There is in-house design, financing, manufacturing and installation, so ClearSpan doesn’t depend on third parties to complete projects. This keeps each project in the hands of ClearSpan, ensuring complete organization and a successful building project. 

ClearSpan has been designing and constructing unique structures for nearly 40 years, and a ClearSpan aquafarm structure is commercially viable and can be operated anywhere with assured success. Call a Building Specialist today or Request a Quote


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