HD Container Building

ClearSpan’s HD Container Building is constructed on shipping containers, allowing customers to add storage and reach new heights.

The ClearSpan HD Container Building is the premier solution for those looking to add secure storage space to their operation. Each shipping container can be locked at the end of the day, providing valuable tools and equipment with protection. Shipping container foundations also provide an additional 8-1/2’ of height to the structure, so users can take advantage of this additional clearance.

HD Container Buildings can be covered with ClearSpan’s 12.5 oz, rip-stop fabric or the exclusive Armor Shield Cover. The 12.5 oz. cover is made from 100 percent recycled materials and is designed with a special weave that stops any potential tears immediately. It also allows natural light to filter through, so operations can eliminate artificial lighting during the day time. The 12.5 oz. cover comes with a 20 year warranty. ClearSpan’s Armor Shield Cover is ultra durable and has a seven-layer design that promotes strength, and on top of it all, these covers feature an industry-leading 30 year warranty.

The ClearSpan HD Container Building Advantage includes:

  • Shipping container foundation – Added storage space
  • Extra-tall clearances – Stack multiple containers to reach any height
  • Custom and stock designs available
  • Natural ventilation for increased air flow – Improved environment
  • Ultimate durability – Corrosion-resistant truss frames
  • Maximum usable space – No internal support beams

ClearSpan’s Reliable Design Reaches New Heights

The HD Container Building is built from the most dependable materials, including American made, triple-galvanized steel frames that are specially designed to withstand corrosion and ClearSpan’s sturdy fabric covers. ClearSpan’s steel frames feature 50 year warranty, while the fabric covers come with 20 or 30 year warranties. With ClearSpan’s frame and cover, in addition to the shipping container foundation, these buildings are made to last.

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