DOT Equipment Storage

Equipment Storage Buildings – Store Equipment of Any Size

For many governments and municipalities, the Department of Transportation is an indispensable organization for maintaining infrastructure, ensuring reliability and safety. Departments of Transportation invest in projects that enable safer passage for pedestrians, commuters, commercial vehicles and trains across roads and bridges. To accomplish the goals of these projects, DOTs utilize expensive heavy machinery and equipment. These tools come at a hefty cost but are necessary to provide the robust safety needed for the constant, fast-paced travel of modern society.

When such vital equipment comes at such high costs, it is crucial to use proper storage. ClearSpan structures provide protection from inclement weather, preventing equipment damage and reducing routine maintenance requirements. With decades of experience working with municipalities and creating custom storage buildings, ClearSpan is the go-to option for Department of Transportation equipment storage.

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The ClearSpan DOT Equipment Storage Building Advantage Includes:

  • Maximum usable space
  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Maximum height and clearance
  • Quick construction timelines
  • Abundant natural lighting and ventilation
  • Heavy-duty, robust construction
  • Multiple permanent or temporary foundation options
  • Industry-leading warranties

ClearSpan buildings are a fast, economical solution for equipment storage. These storage buildings provide ample height and extraordinary clearance for access, ease of movement, as well as loading and handling. There are no internal columns to interfere with trucks, tools or heavy machinery, and equipment and vehicles are completely protected from inclement weather and freezing conditions. The ability to utilize natural ventilation helps to keep equipment in good condition by limiting moisture and condensation, reducing the occurrence of rust and corrosion.

ClearSpan structures come in stock and custom designs. ClearSpan can build structures to any size requirement, so equipment storage structures can also house materials. With multiple foundation options, including poured concrete, blocks, pony walls, piers and even shipping containers, a ClearSpan structure can be built almost anywhere.

ClearSpan also offers the exclusive Helical Anchoring System. Helical Anchors are a temporary foundation option that is cost-effective, fast and dependable. Helical anchors drill directly into the ground, meaning minimal excavation and sitework is needed. This system is strong enough to remain permanent, but allows quick and easy relocation.

To find an ideal solution for equipment storage needs, call a Truss Arch Specialist or Request a Quote today.