School Gymnasium

ClearSpan Athletic Facilities & Indoor Gymnasiums – Build a Gym with Versatile Solutions & Budget-Friendly Options

ClearSpan’s indoor gym solutions allow for a dry and protected space that is ideal for recreational activity and municipal programs. Those looking to build a gym have a number of needs and requirements, but ClearSpan’s custom designs, cost and durability are sure to satisfy any athletic needs, including those of towns, municipalities and state governments. 

ClearSpan designs provide the very best engineered trusses, the highest-quality steel and dependable fabric covers. This combination creates a structure that ensures superior functionality and an attractive appearance. The truss design creates a wide-open building profile that doesn’t require support posts. This means that the structure doesn’t hinder sports or activities and each building provides the maximum amount of usable and playable space. 

The ClearSpan Indoor Gym Advantage includes: 

  • Natural ventilation – Air never gets stale or smelly
  • Protection from inclement weather – Play all year
  • Custom designs – Build a gym for any need
  • Fast construction
  • Low cost per sq. ft. 
  • Extremely durable – Industry-leading warranties on frames and covers

ClearSpan can design, build and install structures of any length and up to 300′ wide, so each customer can get the required space for their indoor gym. ClearSpan’s indoor gymnasium solutions can be constructed in fabric, metal or hybrid – a combination of metal and fabric. These options allow customers to create their ideal athletic structure all while staying within budget. 

ClearSpan is the go-to option for multi-purpose recreational facilities that are ideal for sports, programs, therapeutic recreation, after-school programs, team building activities and more. ClearSpan Truss Arch Specialists have years of experience and can help any customer design and create their perfect indoor gym. A Truss Arch Specialist can provide invaluable design advice and make recommendations for any need. 

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