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Indoor riding centers come in all shapes and sizes, and ClearSpan can ensure that no matter what your indoor riding center need is, we can design and build it to your exact specifications. ClearSpan creates a unique indoor experience that can be appreciated by both riders and horses. ClearSpan buildings don’t utilize internal support posts, so riders enjoy a relaxing environment that is obstruction free and easy to stay focused in. ClearSpan structures are fully customizable, so they can feature both boarding and riding space, and natural ventilation provides a healthier environment.

Work with ClearSpan to make sure that you get exactly what you need in your indoor riding center. Whether it’s for personal or business use, ClearSpan’s specialists will ensure your every need is met.

Swampy Oak Farm & Stable

-Andover, Ohio

Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 72'W x 160'L
Application – Indoor riding arena

When Katie and Gary McClure built a new barn on their property three years ago, they decided to open their own boarding facility. Read More

Their next step was to look into indoor riding arena options. Katie explained, “In order to have a good boarding facility, we needed to have an indoor arena.” She continued, “I also always wanted to have my own indoor arena. We are located in Northeast Ohio and we experience winter weather from November until April; I almost had to stop riding in those months.”

They compared the prices of metal, wood and fabric buildings, and discovered that fabric structures were the most economical of the three building types. Katie was also attracted to the fact that fabric structures do not require daytime artificial light. She said, “Metal and wood buildings have to be lit basically anytime you’re in the building, day or night.” They chose a 72′ wide by 160′ long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building.

The ClearSpan indoor riding arena is working out well for the McClures. As well as offering it as part of their boarding services, they are also able to rent arena time. Katie said, “Horses that have never been in an indoor arena adjust really well to it. There are no dark corners or shadows for the horses to be afraid of. The arena is very bright, which makes it very nice to ride in.” The height and openness also allow them to set up jumps without worrying about riders hitting their heads.

A true test of the durability of their ClearSpan arena is how well it withstands the weather. “We have had over 100″ of snow in the past two months and it has held up with no problems,” explained Katie. She continued, “I was quite surprised at how well it has withstood the high winds we get around here. There is no flapping or vibrating noise.” According to Katie, “The building is a joy to ride in.”

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Building Profiles

Our indoor riding centers come in fabric, hybrid and metal buildings, ensuring that no matter how you plan on using your ClearSpan structure, there is an ideal option.

  • Round Style

  • Gable style

  • Hybrid Style

  • Metal Style