Pickleball Buildings

The ideal indoor pickleball structure – Controlled environments for year-round play

The ClearSpan indoor pickleball building is the perfect solution for facilities looking to play 365 days a year, no matter the weather. The structure allows operations to create their ideal playing environment, while also keeping courts dry and protected from the elements. ClearSpan buildings make it easier to maintain a safe playing surface, by promoting a dry, well-ventilated facility that doesn’t have slick playing surfaces. The natural lighting provided by the fabric covers creates a fantastic playing experience that is absent of shadows and soft on the eyes, while still being well lit.

The inherent design of the ClearSpan fabric building makes it perfect for covering courts. The steel frames can be built up to 300’ wide and at any length without the need of internal support posts. This allows courts to be laid out however the facility sees fit, while also ensuring that the structure won’t affect ongoing matches. ClearSpan’s fabric cladding is climate sensitive, so the structure actually naturally stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, creating an interior that is comfortable for athletes and spectators. 

The ClearSpan Pickleball Facility Advantage includes:

  • Protection from weather – Play year-round
  • Natural lighting – Reduce utility costs
  • No internal support posts – Maximum usable space
  • Natural ventilation – Dry, fresh interiors
  • Custom and turnkey designs – Get your ideal structure
  • Industry-leading warranties – 20 years on cladding, 50 years on frame

Each ClearSpan building can be completely customized to meet event the most specific requirements. From locker room and office space to specialized doors and heating systems, ClearSpan’s Building Specialists help each customer realize their structural dream. ClearSpan can put together a fantastic lighting plan for any pickleball facility and has worked with many of the nation’s leading court providers, ensuring you get a pickleball facility that is top of the line. They have years of extensive industry experience and can provide invaluable advice that can reduce costs and improve the end product.

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