Total Athlete Indoor Training Center

Challenge – Opening a new athletic training center
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 72′ wide x 220′ long
Application – Athletic facility

Dave Peluchette, Buzzy Evans and Terry Edwards have been training and coaching in various sports for years. With an impressive list of accomplishments, such as a Black Belt from the American Bando Association (Peluchette), a ranking as National Kickboxing Champion (Evans), and a Head Coach position at Wheeling Jesuit University (Edwards), it is no wonder that the trio wanted to open an indoor training center to share their knowledge and experience.

Says Peluchette, “I have been training for forty years and have always wanted to open a big facility. We were originally going to use an existing structure, but that didn’t work out.” After researching online, Peluchette discovered the ClearSpan website. “I was really impressed by the openness of ClearSpan structures. We wanted a wide-open building with a lot of height.”

Peluchette, Evans and Edwards decided that a 72′ wide by 220′ long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building was the best choice for the new Total Athlete Indoor Training Center. The economical price of the structure would allow them to follow their mission of providing “a genuine and credible service to the Ohio Valley at affordable prices.”

The ClearSpan athletic center offers a 60′ wide by 80′ long multi-surface area, a 72′ wide by 90′ long artificial turf area, a 2,000 sq. ft. weight room, a basketball court, batting cages and more. Peluchette explains, “We mostly cater to children and young adults, focusing on training them correctly. We also work with coaches and provide a training venue for them. The building is working out well. The height and openness allow plenty of room for training and equipment.” He continues, “Everyone likes the facility. There’s a ‘wow’ factor when you first walk in the building.”

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