Equipment Storage

The Perfect Commercial Equipment Storage Building – Versatile Solutions

 When storage space is at a premium, a commercial equipment storage building from ClearSpan can provide an ideal solutions. Whether it’s a building for equipment storage, warehousing, workspace or anything else, ClearSpan has custom or turnkey designs that allow operations to solve their structural needs on time and on budget.

With designs that provide wide open spaces, no internal support posts and exceptional clearances, these commercial storage buildings allow users to take advantage of every square inch of floor space. This ensures an incredible operational advantage and enables operations to function at peak efficiency. With ClearSpan, businesses can take their storage space to the next level and optimize their facility.

The ClearSpan Equipment Storage Building Advantage includes:

  • Designs for any need – Storage, warehousing, workspace and more
  • Maximum usable space – Designs with no internal support posts
  • Build to any size
  • Versatile foundation options – Build just about anywhere
  • Low cost per square foot
  • Multiple cladding options – Fabric, metal, hybrid
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 years on the frames

Superior Materials, Superior Consultation

ClearSpan’s Building Specialists work with each customer to understand their building needs and business goals. Since they have years of industry experience, they can provide invaluable advice and superior designs that compliment each operation. ClearSpan customers are always in good hands and can be ensured that their structural needs will be met when working with a ClearSpan Building Specialist.

ClearSpan Building Specialists have a wide range of materials and accessories to pull from when tailoring a business solutions, but the basics are the buildings’ claddings and frames. For claddings, ClearSpan offers multiple fabric and metal options. ClearSpan fabric covers provide a versatile solution, and some options allow natural light to filter through. This eliminates the need for artificial daytime lighting and provides savings on a monthly basis. ClearSpan fabric covers feature a rip-stop weave, so any potential tears are stopped before they even start. ClearSpan’s metal cladding is a rigid solution that boasts ultimate strength. Metal cladding is available in 24 or 26 gauge steel and also has several channel options, so operations can get their ideal cover.

The structural strength that ClearSpan frames provide is superior to many traditional building options. With both truss arch and I-beam frame, ClearSpan designs buildings that provides strength and can be built to any size. Both frames are made from triple-galvanized steel, so they can withstand just about any environment. ClearSpan is so confident in these frame options, that both are backed by an industry-leading 50 year warranty, ensuring that buildings will still be in use decades later.

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