Mike A. Maedge Trucking, Inc.

Challenge – Accessible, covered storage
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 160′ long
Application – Commercial equipment and auxiliary storage

Mike A. Maedge is the owner and president of Mike A. Maedge Trucking, Inc., an excavating and trucking company that he founded in 1974. The company provides commercial, agricultural and residential excavating and hauling services to customers in the Highland, IL area, where the business is located.

Maedge decided that the company needed a storage building for their machinery and other equipment. “We hadn’t been using a structure, so covered storage was necessary to protect our valuable assets,” explains Maedge.

“I had seen ClearSpan structures in my area before, so I decided to contact the owners to get some information about them. The people I talked to were very pleased with their buildings and I saw how many uses fabric structures are practical for. I knew that a ClearSpan building would be perfect for the business,” says Maedge.

Maedge is amazed at the spaciousness and accessibility of his Hercules Truss Arch Building. He explains, “The building was initially used for just commercial storage, but now we utilize it for agricultural and personal use because of how much extra room there is. We are able to store a tractor for construction jobs, a fertilizer and rock spreader for road repairs and about 2,000 hay bales, which we sell to individuals as a side business. Our building serves so many purposes.”

The company also appreciates the cost benefits of their building in comparison to a wood or metal structure. Maedge says, “The cost per square foot is low and we love that our building isn’t taxable since it is considered temporary. We don’t regret spending less than the cost of alternative buildings because the fabric cover is weathering better than we expected.”

The company is pleased with their choice of a ClearSpan building and Maedge states, “The building is working out well and we are very happy with it.”

For more information on Mike A. Maedge Trucking, Inc. and their ClearSpan building, contact Mike A. Maedge at 618.654.6652.