Jobsite Warehouse

Bring your mining workshop anywhere with a mining jobsite warehouse from ClearSpan

One of the major hurdles in the mining industry is the lack of secure jobsite storage, and ClearSpan addresses that issue with their mining workshop and mining jobsite warehouse options.  ClearSpan’s mining jobsite warehouse is a cost-effective mobile storage solution that can be quickly built to provide secure storage for expensive assets, like equipment, tools and resources.

ClearSpan’s mining jobsite warehouse options feature ample vertical space and no support columns, making it easy for large crews and equipment to work unhindered, while providing a bountiful amount of storage space. A ClearSpan mining workshop can also move from jobsite to jobsite. Once a project is wrapped up, the mining workshop can be quickly transported, making them an invaluable, reusable structural solution.

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The ClearSpan Jobsite Storage Building Advantage Includes:

  • Versatile mining jobsite warehouse – Storage, workspace and more
  • Easy to relocate –Temporary and/or permanent designs
  • Versatile foundation options – Helical anchors, concrete, shipping containers and more
  • Economically priced – Low cost per Square foot
  • No internal support posts – Maximum useable space
  • Fabric or metal cladding
  • Natural lighting – Eliminates daytime lighting requirements
  • Industry-leading warranties – Up to 50 years on frames, Up to 30 years on cladding

Increase Jobsite Efficiency with an Effective ClearSpan Building

Mining operations often need to relocate their structures. To help with this, ClearSpan provides foundation options that are strong enough to be permanent, but can be easily relocated when the job is complete. This not only enables a structure to be moved just about anywhere, but it is also a cost-effective option, because it doesn’t require poured concrete or other costly traditional foundation methods.

ClearSpan offers both Truss Arch and I-Beam frames for customers to choose from when designing their mining workshop. ClearSpan’s Truss Arch frame can be built up to 300’ wide and at any length, and this design lacks any internal support posts, giving operations the maximum amount of usable space. The I-Beam frame allows operations to safely build a structure to any size, making it the perfect solution for those looking to expand their mining jobsite warehouse capacity. Both frames are made from corrosion resistant triple-galvanized steel and are covered by ClearSpan’s industry-leading 50 year warranty

To cover the frames, customers have the choice between fabric and metal cladding. With multiple fabric options, customers benefit from a cost-effective cladding that provides strength and dependability. Some options even allow natural light to filter through, which eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the daytime hours. ClearSpan also has a number of metal cladding options, which are made of galvanized steel, so they are ensured to last for decades.

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