Dairy Building

A ClearSpan Dairy Building Increases Operational Efficiency And Profits

ClearSpan dairy barns are designed to protect and improve the profitability of dairy cattle. A clear span dairy building creates an ideal environment for raising livestock or for use as milking barns. Building Specialists at ClearSpan help customers design the structure that is ideal for their dairy operation. No specification or building requirement is too small, so integrating a ClearSpan building into an existing operation is an easy and quick process. 

Going with a ClearSpan dairy barn or milk barn is a simple choice, because these structures help dairy operations across the country save money year-round. The natural daytime lighting and climate-sensitive covers allow owners to cut monthly costs, while also keeping cattle comfortable. These dairy buildings also utilize a clear span building profile. The designs don’t require support posts, so each building has the maximum amount of usable space with a floor plan that can be laid out in the most convenient manner. 

The ClearSpan Dairy Building Advantage includes: 

  • Comfortable atmospheres that cattle love
  • Supports profitable livestock 
  • Clean, dry & easy to maintain
  • Limits the risk of disease and mortality 
  • Natural ventilation keeps air fresh
  • Natural daytime lighting cuts utilities
  • Cost effective & low maintenance

ClearSpan serves all agricultural building needs. To meet even the most specific building requirements, ClearSpan provides stock, custom and turnkey designs. This enables ClearSpan’s Building Specialists to get customers the dairy farm structure they need quickly, while also creating their ideal building solution. These dairy barns can be multi-functional as well. Although one structure may be primarily used as a milking barn, it can also serve as housing, storage, work space and more.

ClearSpan has nearly forty years of experience working with dairy farmers. Over this time, just about every type of dairy building has been designed and constructed in some of the harshest climates and environments. ClearSpan fabric structures can be engineered to meet local building codes and weather requirements, and no matter the weather, these dairy barns provide cattle with stress-free environments. 

With in-house design, financing and installation, ClearSpan makes obtaining the ideal dairy structure a simple process. 

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