Fabric Buildings Create The Ideal Dairy Barn

With their unique, cost-effective designs, fabric buildings offer an ideal solution for just about any farming application. These structures create spacious, naturally lit areas where animals and workers can stay comfortable, which makes them particularly effective for housing livestock.

Amidst the search for a building that could serve as their new dairy barn, Burnt Chimney Dairy Farm in Burnt Chimney, VA discovered ClearSpan’s fabric structures. The dairy farm owners opted to purchase two Hercules Truss Arch Buildings, one spanning 65’ in width and 280’ in length, and the other measuring 65’ wide and 140’ long.

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“There were several things that caught our attention. One was the cost. It was 1/3 the cost of a stall barn and probably half the cost of a stick built structure for a pack barn.”

Through ClearSpan, the owners were able to customize the buildings to match their specific requirements, incorporating a unique foundation, supplemental ventilation equipment, fencing and more. These improved living conditions allow the business to better support the health and happiness of their cows, leading to more consistent, high-quality product and increased profitability. 

Fabric structures are generally lower in cost and easier to install than traditional building solutions, and their versatile nature helps them suit a number of different industries. Additionally, businesses who choose ClearSpan receive assistance from their own dedicated Building Specialist throughout the entire purchasing process, ensuring they end up with the perfect structure for their operation.

To find out more about Burnt Chimney Dairy Farm and their new livestock housing solution, read the full case study here.

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