Warehouse Building

A Warehouse Building or Warehouse Facility for any operation

For operations that need a storage warehouse, ClearSpan can provide a warehouse building or an entire warehouse facility. With the ability to build to any size and designs that feature wide open spaces with ample clearance, ClearSpan buildings are an ideal option for any storage requirements.

ClearSpan provides custom and turnkey solutions, so whether operations need a quick warehouse building or a super detailed structure that meets specific work flow and operational requirements, ClearSpan’s Building Specialists can get customers the building that is ideal for them. ClearSpan Building Specialists have years of industry experience and have worked on many storage warehouse projects, so they can provide design advice to compliment any operation.

The ClearSpan Storage Warehouse Advantage includes:

  • Wide open spaces, ample clearances – Store anything
  • Build to any size – Construct a massive facility
  • Maximum usable space – Some designs feature no support posts
  • Turnkey and custom designs – Get the ideal warehouse building
  • Low cost per square foot
  • Versatile foundation options – Build just about anywhere
  • Multiple cladding options – Fabric, metal, hybrid
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 years on the frames

Warehousing Structures That Are Built to Last

When designing a structure, ClearSpan Building Specialists have a wide range of accessories and building systems to pull from. Whether it’s overhead doors, loading docks or something else, operations can access everything they need to complete a fully functional warehouse facility. This allows Building Specialists to customize a structure to even the most specific detail. Best of all though, are the structural materials that ClearSpan utilizes. With the finest frames and claddings, customers know they are getting a structure of the highest quality, that is also relatively maintenance free.

A ClearSpan warehouse building can be designed with a couple different frame options. The truss arch frame is a great option for those looking to maximize every square inch of floor space. They provide a clear span design that is absent of interior columns, and truss arch frames can be built up to 300’ wide and at any length. The I-beam frame allows a storage warehouse to be built to any size. The ultra-strong frame allows for buildings to be constructed on a massive scale. Both options are made from corrosion-resistant steel and feature industry-leading 50 year warranties, so ClearSpan structures will last decades into the future, as well as meet any necessary building codes.

ClearSpan also has multiple fabric and metal cladding options. These claddings are ultra-durable and can help operations optimize their productivity. The fabric cladding is energy efficient and allows natural light to filter through, eliminating the need for daytime lighting. The metal cladding provides ultimate strength and features multiple color and channel options, helping operations coordinate their building design with the surrounding environment. Regardless of frame or cladding choice, ClearSpan warehouse buildings offer a superior storage solution for any operation.

To find out how ClearSpan can meet your warehouse facility needs, Call or REQUEST A QUOTE today.