Recycling Buildings

Innovative and effective Recycling Structures

Take your recycling building to the next level with one of ClearSpan’s recycling structures. ClearSpan can design a budget-friendly recycling building that can be customized to accommodate and storage needs, including expensive machinery of any size. ClearSpan’s recycling structures can be designed with no internal support posts and high clearances, providing maximum storage space and allowing operations to easily maneuver conveyors and loaders throughout the building. Some of ClearSpan’s recycling structures even provide natural ventilation, helping disperse noxious fumes and unwanted odors, creating a more comfortable environment.

From start to finish, ClearSpan Building Specialists are available to help every step of the way in creating the perfect recycling building. ClearSpan Building Specialists work with customers one-on-one when designing a structure, so they not only meet, but exceed any needs. With years of invaluable, industry-specific knowledge, they can answer any questions about any project. From concept to completion, ClearSpan’s Building Specialists keep projects on schedule and on budget.


  • Multiple cladding options – Metal, fabric or hybrid
  • Stock and custom designs available
  • Quick construction timelines
  • Permanent or temporary designs — Easily expand or relocate
  • Industry-leading warranties – Up to 50 years on frames
  • Natural ventilation – Disperses noxious fumes and unwanted odors
  • Versatile foundation options – Helical anchors, concrete, storage containers and more
  • Cost-effective foundation solutions – Build just about anywhere, easily transportable
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ClearSpan’s Truss and I-Beam buildings are perfectly suited for use as recycling structures. Both of ClearSpan’s frames are manufactured with triple-galvanized steel, providing the strength and dependability needed to house any type of recycling operation. The Truss frame can be built up to 300’ wide and at any length, offering a bountiful amount of space. ClearSpan’s I-Beam frame design provides exceptional structural stability, allowing structures to be safely built to any size. Regardless of the frame chosen, both frames include ClearSpan’s industry-leading 50 year warranty.

ClearSpan offers stock, turnkey and custom designs, making it possible to create the ideal recycling building. Every ClearSpan building also comes with the choice of fabric or metal cladding. Some of ClearSpan’s fabric covers allow light to fill the entire structure, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the daytime. This helps to create a safe and well-lit working environment, while also helping to reduce monthly lighting costs. ClearSpan also offers ultra-durable metal cladding that is constructed from ultra-durable steel and features multiple channel and color options.

For more information on ClearSpan’s recycling solutions, call or Request a Quote today.