Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc.

Challenge – Lack of covered storage for recyclable materials
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 120′ wide x 60′ long
Application – Material recovery facility

Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc. ranks among the nation’s largest privately owned waste and recycling companies. With a strong respect for the environment, the company has found success owning and operating several landfills, transfer stations and recycling facilities throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. In 2010, Rumpke began a $2.5 million renovation to its downtown Columbus material recovery facility. This included a complete demolition and an addition to its tipping floor area, which meant that recyclable materials were stored outdoors.

Currently, there are no regulations in Ohio prohibiting the practice of leaving recyclable materials uncovered; however, the company was not comfortable with that. Rumpke engineer Dave Murphy explains, “We knew we could leave the materials exposed, but did not want to be a nuisance for the neighbors; papers and plastics could blow into their yards. Plus, the process runs better with dry materials and we wanted to maintain a clean facility by keeping the materials out of the elements.” Murphy was looking for different solutions to this problem when he came across a ClearSpan Fabric Structures brochure.

After reading the brochure and speaking with a Truss Arch specialist, Murphy began to work with ClearSpan due to their customized building options, quick construction timelines and durable structures. “We continuously have large equipment unloading materials at the recycling facility. We needed a lot of clearance especially for our back hopper which requires a height of 28′ to 30′, and we have an IT loader that scoops up materials then loads them onto our conveyor system,” explains Murphy.

Rumpke purchased a 120′ wide by 60′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building to serve as a cover for their material recovery facility. They decided to contract ClearSpan’s installation crew and the structure was built in a week and a half. Due to the ease of construction, the company was able to keep operations running smoothly and without complications.

Once renovations were complete, Rumpke no longer needed the building as a tipping area. “We were looking for a great solution to house some recyclable materials and the building served its purpose,” Murphy says. “We knew at the time of purchase it would need to serve other functions.” They plan on using this structure as a storage facility for either overflow at a glass building, or for heavy equipment at a landfill. “Overall we are happy with ClearSpan. The building performed very well,” concludes Murphy.

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