Municipal Hazardous Material Storage

Optimal storage solutions – Custom and turnkey structures for municipalities

Governments and municipalities across the country have to safely process hazardous materials of all kinds, and when they need a custom building solution, ClearSpan is there to help. Whether municipalities need a structure for wastewater processing, leachate containment, air emissions containment, household waste or anything else, ClearSpan’s Building Specialists can design a structure that promotes both safety and an ultra-effective working environment. With a ClearSpan structure, townships are able to limit or eliminate dangerous runoff and support a safe local environment.

The ClearSpan Municipal Hazardous Material Storage Advantage includes:

  • Effective coverage – Limit or eliminate hazardous runoff
  • Natural ventilation or complete containment
  • Natural lighting – Significantly reduce utilities runoff
  • Low cost per square foot
  • No internal support columns – Maximum usable space
  • Fast delivery – Quick installation
  • Controlled climate
  • Industry-leading warranties – Up to 30 years on fabric, 50 years on steel frame
ClearSpan Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls: Create a storage powerhouse

Versatile Building Options for Precise Solutions

ClearSpan has the knowledge and expertise to design, build and install the ideal Municipal Hazardous Material Storage solution for any city or township. When working with ClearSpan, customers have the choice between two quality frames. The Truss Arch frame features no internal support posts, providing the maximum amount of usable storage space and the opportunity for crews to work unhindered by any obstacles. ClearSpan’s I-Beam frame is manufactured to provide superior strength, and it allows buildings to be built on a massive scale. Both frames are constructed using corrosion resistant triple-galvanized steel and are backed by an industry leading 50-year warranty.

Each building can be cladded with a number of fabric or metal options. ClearSpan’s metal is also triple-galvanized, so it provides an ultra-durable covering. ClearSpan has a few fabric designs that let natural light into the structure, allowing operations to save money on artificial lighting during the daytime.

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