Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls


Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls offer the durability and strength that storage buildings need without breaking the bank. These walls attach directly to the structure’s frame and turn any ClearSpan building into a storage powerhouse. They allow materials of any kind to be stored against the very edges of the building’s interior.

Pre-stressed concrete panels are more cost effective than high-walled poured concrete, and can be installed during any season, even the winter, because the concrete has already been set. They also have minimal foundation requirements, thus reducing cost further.

ClearSpan’s Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls are 4’ x 20’, and are available in thicknesses ranging from 4” to 10”. These panels can be stacked up to three high and quickly attach directly to the building’s frame, making installation quick and easy. With varying thicknesses and the ability to stack panels, prestressed concrete panels can be used in many different applications, buildings and industries, including waste and recycling, internal partitions, aggregate storage, earth retaining and more.


  • Quick installation
  • Cost-effective alternative to poured concrete
  • Maximum interior space-More efficient operations
  • Build in any weather or season
  • Fire resistant
  • Minimal foundation requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong and durable-Reduces risk of concrete cracking
  • Versatile-Works for a variety of applications

Pre-stressed concrete is inherently stronger than traditional concrete due to its unique design. Panels are compressed and tensioned with steel tendons before installation, which results in a concrete panel that is better able to withstand tension. This also decreases the risk of the concrete cracking. Cracks in concrete may allow water into the building or even compromise its structural integrity, but with prestressed concrete, this risk is significantly reduced.

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