Warehouse Facility


Operations looking for an innovative and dependable mining warehouse facility should look no further than a mining warehouse. With the ability to build to any size and designs that feature wide open spaces and ample clearance, ClearSpan buildings are an ideal option for all mining warehouse needs.

ClearSpan provides custom and turnkey solutions, so whether operations need a quick mining warehouse or a super detailed full mining warehouse facility that meets specific workflow and operational requirements, ClearSpan’s Building Specialists can get customers the structure that is ideal for them. ClearSpan Building Specialists have years of industry experience and have worked on numerous mining projects, so they can provide design advice to compliment any operation.

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  • Wide open spaces, ample clearances – Store anything
  • Build to any size – Construct a massive facility
  • Maximum usable space – Clear span designs with no support posts
  • An economical solution – Low cost per square foot
  • Versatile foundation options – Build just about anywhere
  • Multiple cladding options – Fabric, metal, hybrid
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 years on the frames, up to 30 years on cladding

Durable and Dependable Mining Warehouse Facility

ClearSpan has the knowledge and expertise to design, build and install the ideal mining warehouse. When working with ClearSpan, customers have the choice between two quality frames. The Truss Arch frame features no internal support posts, providing the maximum amount of usable storage space and the opportunity for crews to work without any obstacles. ClearSpan’s I-Beam frame is manufactured to provide superior strength, and it allows buildings to be built on a massive scale. Both frames are constructed using corrosion resistant triple-galvanized steel and are backed by an industry leading 50-year warranty.

Each building can be cladded with a number of fabric or metal options. ClearSpan’s metal is also triple-galvanized, so it provides an ultra-durable covering. ClearSpan has a few fabric designs that allow natural light to filter through, creating a well-lit atmosphere. This eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the daytime, saving on energy costs.

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