Distribution Center

Commercial Distribution Center – Versatile Buildings For All Distribution Needs

When businesses need a commercial distribution center, ClearSpan is here to provide large-scale buildings that facilitate operation’s day-to-day workflow. ClearSpan distribution structures are designed to create wide open spaces and plenty of clearance to operate vehicles and machinery. Some ClearSpan designs are even absent of support posts, so floor plans can be laid out in the ideal way. 

ClearSpan offers both turnkey and custom building options. Each customer works with a Building Specialist that learns their unique distribution center needs and creates their perfect building. Building Specialists can incorporate an endless amount of tools and accessories into the building’s design. Customers can get anything from custom doors to unique storage solutions and everything in between with ClearSpan. 

The ClearSpan Distribution Building Advantage includes: 

  • Custom and turnkey designs – Buildings for distribution, storage, workspace and more
  • Low cost per square foot. 
  • Designs with no support posts – Maximum amount of usable space
  • Build the largest structure without sacrificing stability and durability. 
  • Multiple cladding options 
  • Some claddings allow natural light to filter through – Reduce monthly utilities
  • Versatile foundation solutions – Build just about anywhere
  • Industry-leading 50 warranty on the structure’s frame 

Customize any distribution building

ClearSpan creates buildings of the highest-quality, and it all starts with the materials used to construct the building. ClearSpan offers both an I-Beam and Truss Arch frame, and both are manufactured with triple-galvanized, American-made steel. These are among the most durable frames in the industry, and since they are galvanized, they can withstand harsh, corrosive environments. Truss Arch frames feature no support posts, so each Truss Arch building offers the maximum amount of usable space. The I-Beam frame allows each building to built on a massive scale, without jeopardizing structural integrity. ClearSpan stands by these frames with a 50 year warranty. 

Customers also have multiple cladding options that they can work with. Whether it’s fabric, metal or a mix of both, each option provides a dependable solution. ClearSpan has some fabric options that allow natural light to filter through. It creates a well lit environment that doesn’t depend on artificial lighting during the day time. ClearSpan metal cladding is made from triple-galvanized steel and multiple channel options

To find out how ClearSpan can help any commercial distribution center needs, REQUEST A QUOTE today.