Trade Shows & Conventions


ClearSpan creates premier trade show and convention solutions. These buildings offer unique designs that provide ample height and extraordinary clearance, enabling shows and conventions to be held year-round. There are no internal columns to interfere with exhibits, stages or viewing areas, and the structures provide the finest acoustics. Guests attending trade shows or conventions in a ClearSpan building experience an inviting, enjoyable environment with plenty of ventilation. 

Whether it’s for convention centers, exhibit halls, large public fairs, concert venues, trade shows or anything else, ClearSpan has a building to suit any trade show or convention need. ClearSpan’s trade convention buildings can be customized to meet any requirement. With choice of metal or fabric cladding, these buildings are extremely versatile

The ClearSpan Trade Show & Convention Advantage Includes:

  • Versatile trade show and convention buildings – Storage, seating and more
  • Custom and turnkey designs
  • Fabric or metal cladding – Choose the best option for your need
  • Low cost per square foot
  • Designs with no internal support columns – Maximum amount of usable space
  • Versatile foundation options – Helical anchors, concrete, shipping containers and more
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Energy-efficient designs – Natural lighting and ventilation
  • Industry-leading warranties

Truss and I-Beam Frames – Functional and Durable

ClearSpan provides two distinct building frames, so customers can get a structure that truly meets their needs. Both the truss arch frame and I-beam frame are manufactured with triple-galvanized structural steel that enables the structures to be used in even the harshest environments. Both frames are back by industry-leading warranties of 50 years, so these structures will still be in use decades into the future.

I-beam frames from ClearSpan are an innovative solution that allow operations to construct massive buildings without sacrificing durability. Buildings with these frames can be built to any size, so they can hold even the largest events and conventions.

ClearSpan’s truss arch frames feature a clear span design that is completely absent of internal support posts. This is great for users that need a specific floor plan, because it provides the maximum amount of usable space with no obstructions. Truss arch buildings can be built up to 300’ wide and at any length.

Regardless of the frame, any ClearSpan building can be engineered to meet any local building codes, as well as snow and wind loads.

Ideal Cladding Options for Convention Buildings

Customers also have a choice of multiple cladding options. With two types of fabric and an ultra-strong metal cladding, there is a cover for any business or operation. ClearSpan’s 12 oz. polyethylene fabric provides a versatile cover that allows users to take advantage of natural daytime lighting. These covers are also climate sensitive, so they actually help to keep environments warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The exclusive Armor Shield cover provides and strengthened fabric option, and the metal cladding is a super durable option that comes in multiple styles and colors.

To find out how ClearSpan can help any convention, call or Request a Quote today.