Vehicle Garage

A ClearSpan construction vehicle garage provides a generous amount of height and space.

No construction company can operate properly without a fully functioning fleet of vehicles, and ClearSpan construction vehicle garages provide dependable year-round protection to vehicles of any size or quantity. The clear span design of these structures doesn’t require any support columns, allowing construction vehicles to move freely and be organized in whatever manner is most convenient. ClearSpan construction vehicle garages can move along with your jobsite, so your company can stay on the go while still operating efficiently.

ClearSpan can meet the standards of every construction company and can design and create a building for every construction vehicle garage need.

The ClearSpan Construction Vehicle Garage Advantage includes:

  • A Building of 1,000 Uses – Storage, workspace and more
  • No internal support posts – Maximum useable space
  • Maximum height and clearance
  • Multiple foundation options – Build just about anywhere
  • Heavy-duty, triple-galvanized steel frame
  • Abundant natural lighting – Cut monthly utilities
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 year warranty on the building’s frame

Keep Vehicles Protected All Year Long

Construction vehicle garages are supported by triple-galvanized steel frames and rip-stop fabric covers, ensuring protection from rain, snow, heavy winds, and freezing conditions. Fabric and hybrid structures allow natural light into the building, reducing energy costs all year. Natural ventilation prevents excess moisture from forming inside the building, keeping vehicles safe from water damage.

There are many foundation options to choose from when selecting a construction vehicle garage building. Foundations can be built with pre-cast, poured concrete or helical anchoring. Helical anchors drill directly into the ground, creating a secure hold that avoids the steep price of excavation. While they are classified as 100% temporary, helical anchors are durable enough to remain permanent. This allows ClearSpan buildings to be taken down, transported and reconstructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional wood or red iron buildings. With a ClearSpan construction vehicle garage building, it’s easy to store, organize and access vehicles whenever necessary.

To find out more about ClearSpan construction vehicle garage buildings, call or Request a Quote today.

Renato Veerasammy

-Caledon, Ontario

Challenge – Limited storage space
Solution – 26’W x 48’L
Application – Vehicle and equipment storage

Renato Veerasammy has been the owner and primary caretaker of a 25 acre hobby tree farm for the past ten years. Read More

Originally started in the 1950s under a forestation program for famers, the tree farm has grown significantly in overall size since its opening, resulting in larger equipment requirements in order to properly care for the 25 acre tree farm. “Previously, we were using a very small storage tent, along with tarps to store our equipment”, said Veerasammy. He continued, “We were also leaving our equipment spread throughout the forest, because we simply didn’t have enough room to store everything in one place.”

After back to back harsh winters, Veerasammy recognized that something needed to be done to keep his equipment safe. After researching multiple companies with storage building solutions online, Veerasammy came across FarmTek and their line of ClearSpan Fabric Structures. “Several factors stood out to me with these structures,” stated Veerasammy, “I liked the price, the fact that you had a choice of fabric color and I liked the multiple fabric weights.” After contacting a knowledgeable National Account Manager at FarmTek, Veerasammy elected to go with a 26’ wide by 48’ long ClearSpan Storage Master building with a dark green cover to blend with the natural colors of the woods.

Veerasammy has discovered many benefits with the structure, but he is most pleased with the abundance of natural lighting combined with the structures ability to prevent snow buildup. “The skylight is a great feature,” said Veerasammy. “It allows you to see inside without the use of artificial lighting, and it helps the structure to warm up quickly during the cold winter months.” Veerasammy also noted that he enjoys the buildings round frame design, stating, “The snow slides right off the roof and collects at the sides. This acts as a natural form of insulation while also helping reinforce the structure to prevent damage from high winds.”

Veerasammy is very pleased with his new Storage Master building. It has provided him with proper storage space for his equipment, including tractors, chippers, log hauling trailers, generators and more, all of which can now be stored in one centralized location. Veerasammy concluded, “If I had to offer advice to anyone looking at purchasing one of these buildings, the only thing I would say is, take your time and be sure the building meets your every need. The wait is well worth it in the end.” 

Building Profiles

Our vehicle garages come in fabric, hybrid and metal buildings, ensuring that no matter how you plan on using your ClearSpan structure, there is an ideal option.

  • Round Style

  • Gable Style

  • Hybrid Style

  • Metal Style