Livestock Housing

ClearSpan Livestock Shelters – Healthy Animal Housing and the Premier Livestock Barns

ClearSpan livestock shelters are a superior solution to the average livestock shed. Livestock barns are often dark and smelly, but a ClearSpan livestock building creates an atmosphere that is enjoyed by workers and livestock of any kind. The structures feature natural lighting and ventilation, creating a healthy environment that livestock thrive in.     

Each ClearSpan livestock barn utilizes an open truss arch design that provides the maximum amount of usable space. There are no support posts, so livestock can be housed in any operation’s ideal layout. 

The ClearSpan Livestock Housing Advantage includes: 

  • Comfortable environments that promote healthy livestock
  • Supports increased gains
  • Clean & dry environments
  • Reduces risk of disease and mortality
  • Natural lighting reduces expenses
  • Natural ventilation maintains fresh air 
  • Low maintenance and cost effective

ClearSpan has stock, custom and turnkey designs, and a ClearSpan Truss Arch Specialist can ensure that each customer gets the structure that is ideal for their livestock operation. These livestock shelters can be outfitted with all the required accessories, whether it is heating and cooling or runs, pens, stalls, bedding, corrals or any other livestock requirement. ClearSpan’s livestock building solutions are multi-functional, so one structure can be used for housing, feeding, work space and more.

ClearSpan has nearly four decades of livestock housing experience and has been a trusted supplier of livestock shelters to farmers across the globe. The advanced ClearSpan fabric tension buildings can be completely customized and provide the highest-quality steel frames and covering materials. ClearSpan buildings can be engineered to meet any local or regional building codes. These structures can be found in many different climates and are strong enough to meet even the strongest winds and the heaviest snow loads. With in-house design, financing, manufacturing and installation, obtaining a ClearSpan livestock building is simple and hassle free.

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