Pavilion Building

The open wall design of the Pavilion Building provides a well-ventilated covered structure that serves any need.

The Pavilion Building features an open design that accommodates a variety of functions. Pavilion Buildings can be completely customized to suit any application, on any site and for any business. Whether it is a music event, a riding arena or storage for municipal materials, this adaptable building is a unique and functional addition to any business.

The ClearSpan fabric cover provides a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. The cover lets the sun’s natural light filter through, creating an environment that is illuminated, but soft on the eyes. With a well lit interior, customers don’t have to worry about artificial lighting during the daytime hours, and during the warmer months, the cover also helps to keep the interior cooler.

The ClearSpan Pavilion Building Advantage includes:

  • Maximum ventilation – Open end walls and sidewalls
  • Natural lighting – Eliminate costs of artificial lighting
  • UV-resistant cover
  • Multiple foundation options – Build quickly, reduce costs
  • Fast construction – Avoid messy, costly installation
  • Eaves stand at 13’H for extra coverage along building perimeter
  • Comes in 75’W and 85’W profiles
  • Durable construction – Industry-leading warranties

ClearSpan is Synonymous with Durable Materials and Dependable Construction

ClearSpan’s triple-galvanized, American-made steel offers a sturdy, anti-corrosive frame that comes with a 50 year warranty. This structure stands up to the toughest weather patterns and can withstand the harshest climates. The fabric covers are manufactured with a rip-stop weave to prevent and contain potential tears. The cover comes with a 20 year warranty, ensuring many productive years of business.  Each Pavilion Building can be constructed on a wide range of traditional foundation options or on ClearSpan’s Helical Anchoring System, which can reduce construction times and costs.

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