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ClearSpan livestock buildings are designed to protect your animals, promote higher gains and increase your profits. Our livestock production buildings provide an inviting atmosphere that people and animals thrive in. The natural ventilation and sunlight cut down on moisture and bacteria, offering a healthier, cleaner and dryer environment that promotes rapid weight gain and reduces the risk of disease and mortality. With no internal support posts, livestock and workers experience the maximum amount of usable space, and the peaceful environment that these livestock structures provide helps to keep livestock stress free and comfortable. ClearSpan’s Beef Master Systems provide an ideal space for raising cattle. The wide-open design promotes healthy and happy cattle, while also supporting a more efficient work environment.

From small to large farms and ranches, dairy to beef cattle, as well as llamas, alpacas, sheep, dogs and more, ClearSpan designs livestock structures to accommodate pens, loose housing, stalls, barns, bedded production, animal replacement, nurseries, seclusion/infirmaries and others, ensuring that there is a ClearSpan structure for any livestock production need.

Krapfl Ag. Commodities

-Petersburg, Iowa

Challenge: Harsh weather and manure runoff
Solution: ClearSpan Beef Master Systems Building
Size: 56’W x 180’L
Application: Livestock Housing Read More

Tim Krapfl, owner of Krapfl Ag. Commodities, knows all too well the unpredictability of the weather in Iowa. From cold winters to hot summers, Krapfl realized he needed protection from the elements for his beef cattle. Part of Krapfl’s business is backgrounding Holstein feeder cattle that can weigh anywhere from 300-600 pounds. He needed a large, open-air structure where he could protect his cattle from the weather, while also keeping tight control over manure runoff. He found this solution in a ClearSpan Beef Master Systems building.

Krapfl was well aware of ClearSpan, before he purchased his Beef Master building. “Before I purchased my current building, we were using outside feedlots and cattle sheds. ClearSpan, being a local and respected company, was clearly our first choice when we began considering a cattle building.” Krapfl fell in love with the new Beef Master Building right away. “We love the structure.  The cattle are content.  This building has an outdoor feel with a fabric cover to protect the animals from the elements,” he said.

What really sold Krapfl on the building was the protection from the harsh weather conditions and the open airy environment the structure provides.  Krapfl said, “The weather is always pristine inside the Beef Master building, and it’s a joy to take care of the cattle inside the building.” Krapfl at first worried about the aesthetics of any building being added on his property, but the ClearSpan building from all accounts has been a nice accessory to the farm. “The bright atmosphere and natural lighting have been a pleasant surprise. We are also pleased with the appearance on our farm. It is a nice addition.”

To those considering a ClearSpan Beef Master Systems building, Krapfl offers some advice. “Take your time and have ClearSpan help you create a building suitable to your company or farm.” Krapfl had some kind words to say about the customer service he received at ClearSpan, “The sales team at ClearSpan treated me and my family very well from purchase up to installation. You will get a great feeling knowing you’re covered with a company that takes pride in building great structures.  They do everything in their power to keep customers happy.  My next building will be another ClearSpan.”

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Building Profiles

Our livestock production buildings come in fabric, hybrid and metal buildings, ensuring that no matter how you plan on using your ClearSpan structure, there is an ideal option.

  • Round Style

  • Gable Style

  • Hybrid Style

  • Metal Style