Livestock Production & Livestock Barns

ClearSpan Livestock Barns – Healthy, Comfortable and Protective

Livestock barns are a valuable tool in livestock production. As such, farmers should consider which structure will be the best for livestock and for profits. Along with the much greater value they offer, ClearSpan livestock production buildings offer unique features that set them apart from the standard barn, because they are designed to protect your animals, promote higher gains, increase your profits and provide the ideal environment for livestock and workers alike.

With natural ventilation and sunlight that cut down on moisture and bacteria, ClearSpan livestock buildings offer a healthier, cleaner and drier environment that can reduce the risk of disease and mortality. With no internal support posts, livestock and workers experience the maximum amount of usable space, and this open design allows operations to create the perfect layout for their business needs and maximize efficiency. Thanks to fresh air and soft natural lighting, the peaceful environment of these livestock structures helps to keep livestock stress free and comfortable.

The ClearSpan Livestock Production Building Advantage includes:

  • Maximum usable space
  • Promotes rapid weight gain
  • Lower risk of disease & mortality
  • Clean & dry environment
  • Natural sunlight
  • Stress-free environments
  • Natural ventilation
  • Industry-leading warranties

ClearSpan offers custom and turnkey designs. From small to large farms and ranches, ClearSpan designs livestock structures that offer maximum versatility. These structures can house any type of cattle, as well as llamas, alpacas, sheep and more. ClearSpan livestock barns accommodate pens, loose housing, stalls, barns, bedded production, animal replacement, nurseries, seclusion/infirmaries and more, ensuring that there is a ClearSpan structure for any livestock production need.

ClearSpan buildings are built to last, and feature triple-galvanized steel frames and ultra-durable cladding options. ClearSpan structures can be engineered to meet local or regional building codes, and with in-house financing, design, manufacturing and installation, ClearSpan makes purchasing your new livestock building simple and easy.

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