Hog Housing & Production

Healthy Housing for Happy Hogs — Sunny, Dry and Cost-Effective

ClearSpan hog housing is designed to protect your pigs and increase your profits. Swine production facilities must provide the right conditions for hogs, sows and piglets to thrive in. With their unique features, ClearSpan hog buildings create the ideal environment for swine.

ClearSpan structures provide plenty of natural ventilation, which help to remove gases, dust and excess heat, as well as fight moisture and bacterial growth. The covers for ClearSpan’s hog housing also let natural light filter through, so users can completely eliminate artificial lighting during the daytime. Together, the ventilation and sunlight create healthy, fresh and clean swine housing that promotes rapid weight gain and reduces the risk of disease, leading to more profitable livestock.

The ClearSpan Hog Buildings & Production Advantage includes:

  • Comfortable & peaceful environments
  • Keeps hogs stress-free
  • Natural ventilation
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective
  • Natural sunlight
  • Clean, healthy & dry environments
  • Supports rapid weight gain
  • Reduced risk of disease and mortality
  • Industry-leading warranties

ClearSpan hog buildings accommodate pens of any size, loose housing, large group housing, deep hay bedding, mating compartments, nursing and grower rooms, piglet housing, finishing houses and more. These structures can also be outfitted with all the necessary accessories and other equipment to help create an ideal swine production system. Whether your business is large or small, there’s a ClearSpan building to fit your operation. ClearSpan offers custom and turnkey designs, and a ClearSpan Building Specialist is always available to ensure each customer gets the ideal structure for their business.

ClearSpan’s legacy of quality and durability spans four decades. A trusted supplier of hog housing to farmers everywhere, ClearSpan provides the highest-quality steel frames and covering materials. These qualities ensure protection from the strongest winds and the heaviest snows, so these buildings are suitable for an operation that houses pigs in any climate. Engineers are ready to design ClearSpan structures to meet local or regional building codes. With in-house design, financing, manufacturing and installation, ClearSpan can meet your business’ hog housing & production needs, no matter what they are.

Find out how ClearSpan’s hog housing can help your operation. Request a Quote today.


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