Hog Housing & Production

Healthy Housing for Happy Hogs — Sunny, Dry and Cost-Effective

ClearSpan hog buildings are designed to protect your pigs and increase your profits. Our swine production facilities provide an inviting atmosphere that hogs and piglets thrive in. Natural ventilation helps to remove gases, dust and excess heat, and ClearSpan fabric covers provide abundant natural sunlight for day and night cycles and help to eliminate moisture and bacteria. ClearSpan swine structures offer a healthy, fresh, clean environment that promotes rapid weight gain and reduces the risk of disease and mortality. These hog structures provide a peaceful atmosphere that can help to keep hogs stress free and promote communication between sows and piglets.

From small to large operations, we have a hog housing structure to satisfy your needs. ClearSpan hog buildings accommodate pens of any size, loose housing, large group housing, deep hay bedding, mating compartments, nursing and grower rooms, piglet housing, finishing houses and more, so no matter what your hog housing need is, there’s a ClearSpan building.