Emergency Shelter

ClearSpan Emergency Shelters – in-house installation available

When emergency shelters and buildings are required, ClearSpan has local communities covered. ClearSpan’s emergency structures can be shipped in 24 hours, so when fast deployment is a necessity, ClearSpan should be called. ClearSpan structures have been used in a wide variety of emergencies, including pandemic response, temporary housing in weather disasters, police response and much more. ClearSpan has a number of structures that allow communities to respond quickly and effectively.

What makes these structures so effective is their minimal foundation requirements. They can be built just about anywhere, and they are easily relocated as needed. With no internal support posts, these buildings provide a clear span interior that ensures the maximum amount of internal usable space. The design also allows these buildings to provide natural lighting and ventilation, so the interior environment stays fresh and healthy, while still being a cost-effective option.

The ClearSpan Emergency Shelter Advantage includes:

  •  The fastest construction – Ships in 24 hours, and we can install.
  • An ultra safe solution – Durable construction, highest-quality materials.
  • Build anywhere – Multiple foundation options.
  • Low cost per square foot.
  • Permanent or temporary designs.
  • Energy-efficient design – Natural lighting cuts costs.
  • Maximum natural ventilation – Provides a fresh, healthy atmosphere.
  • Industry-leading warranties.

The Ultimate in Durability

Customers can rest assured that their ClearSpan building is constructed from the highest-quality materials. ClearSpan frames are built using triple-galvanized steel that allows these structures to withstand the harshest environments. With multiple cladding options, like metal and fabric, each building can be tailored to any need. ClearSpan’s famous fabric cover provides natural lighting, and is manufactured with a rip-stop weave. This stops any potential tear in its place. ClearSpan buildings can meet any local municipal building codes and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

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