Bailey’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Dept.

Challenge – Total roof collapse of existing fire station
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 50′ wide x 40′ long
Application – Temporary fire station and apparatus storage


Bailey’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, a combination fire and rescue department with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, serves a densely populated area of Falls Church, VA. With a minimum of 13 career and volunteer firefighters staffing the station at any given time, the department is prepared to answer an average of 9,200 calls each year.

When record snowfall of 25″ occurred on February 8, 2010, the station suffered a total roof collapse that damaged five pieces of fire apparatus, resulting in millions of dollars worth of damage. Department President Gerry Strider knew that they needed to erect a new building quickly so that the Bailey’s Crossroads VFD could continue to serve the community.

Strider explains, “After researching online, we discovered ClearSpan Fabric Structures. A ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building seemed to fit our requirements exactly. The footprint of the fire station is dense, so we needed a structure that could be erected on the concrete ramp. We will also need to be able to relocate it when the station is being rebuilt.”

Bailey’s Crossroads VFD chose a 50′ wide by 40′ long Truss Arch Building to use as their temporary fire station. The structure has three roll-up vehicle access doors with automatic openers to accommodate a fire engine and two EMS units. “We respond to about 25 calls a day, so we are going in and out of the ClearSpan structure all day,” Strider says.

Especially important to a busy fire department like Bailey’s Crossroads is not having to spend a lot of time on station upkeep. Strider notes that the lack of maintenance that ClearSpan buildings require is very important to their needs. He continues, “The guys like the structure, and ClearSpan is customer friendly. It only took the ClearSpan construction crew a week to put it up and it is anchored well. We are considering purchasing another ClearSpan structure for our ladder truck.”

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