Free Service Tire Company, Inc.

Challenge – Cost-effective additional structure
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 184′ long
Application – Tire-warehousing facility

Free Service Tire Company, Inc. is a family-owned business which offers tire and transportation services to customers in Tennessee and Virginia. Since the company first began in 1919, the business has expanded to eleven retail stores and four wholesale centers. When one of their two truck-tire centers needed an additional structure, the company turned to ClearSpan for their building solution.

Harrison Wexler, part owner and executive vice president of the company, was in charge of finding a storage structure to house the company’s tire warehousing facility. He explains, “We had been using a metal building for the tire storage, but when we needed to use it as space for a manufacturing expansion, we decided that the purchase of an additional structure was required.”

After reading about ClearSpan in a direct mail advertisement, Wexler chose a ClearSpan Fabric Structure due to the cost effectiveness of the buildings. Wexler states, “Compared to the price of a metal building like the one we had previously been using, the cost of the fabric structure was much lower, and we chose it mainly because of how much money we saved.”

Since purchasing the fabric structure, Wexler has noticed several other added benefits about his building. He says, “Our operating costs have decreased significantly due to the lack of lighting and utilities needed.” He continues, “We also love that there are less code restrictions than with a typical building. No sprinkler system is required, and I can utilize more space within the building.” Wexler adds, “Our structure is working out very well.”

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