Environmental Energy Partners

Challenge – Starting a biomass fuel manufacturing company
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Buildings
Size – Two 55′ wide x 90′ long
Application – Housing manufacturing equipment and shavings

The mission of Environmental Energy Partners is to facilitate ecologically sustainable utilization and restoration of Earth’s natural resources, with a focus on sustainable biomass energy solutions. “We are a closely held, wood pellet biomass fuel manufacturing company that specializes in moveable and mobile mills,” explains CEO Rosalie Bianco.

As a new company with their first location in Silver Plume, CO, they needed to build facilities that would fit in with their goal of contributing to healthy forest management and restoration. “We wanted a small environmental footprint for our company’s facilities. We chose ClearSpan Fabric Structures over wood or metal structures because they are movable and temporary in nature, with a 15 year or more lifespan.” says Bianco.

The company installed two Hercules Truss Arch Buildings that were custom engineered to the area’s snow-load requirements. One is used for storing wood shavings and the other houses the equipment that manufactures the wood pellets. Bianco continues, “The biggest benefit of the ClearSpan structures for us is that they are easy to relocate. We may have to disassemble the mill to get closer to the feed stock or dead trees that we make wood pellets with. We plan on moving once every 5 to 10 years but may have to move more often.”

Bianco states that Environmental Energy Partners will benefit from the adaptability of the ClearSpan structures, because they will be able to make changes when needed. The fact that light filters through the white fabric covers is also one of her favorite things about the buildings. “The ClearSpan structures are working out very well,” Bianco says. “They will now go through the first winter up here at an elevation of 9,000′. We look forward to them keeping us warm and safe.”

For more information on Environmental Energy Partners and their ClearSpan structures, visit www.eepellets.com