ClearSpan Hay Storage Buildings

October 16, 2017   

Slack Hay Auctions’ is reaping the benefits of ClearSpan’s hay storage buildings, which provide a clean, dry environment, natural light and the ability to withstand high winds and extreme weather. ClearSpan Fabric Structures helps Slack Hay Auctions maintain a quality product that is ready for market, and with a spacious and protected area, hay stays dry and organized. Without a sheltered structure, hay can easily become compromised, losing nutritional value, as well as increasing the occurrence of the breakdown of physical components, making it much more difficult to transport and last, but with their new Round HD Building, the company can fit their product into the structure and provide year-round protection.

In this video, Tim Slack explains that Slack Hay Auctions has a weekly hay sale and is constantly loading throughout the week, bringing in around 800 bales at anytime.

ClearSpan Hay Storage Buildings

light deprivation greenhouse

Since getting their building, the state of Wisconsin has seen two tornados, and Slack Hay Auctions is very happy to report that the building stood up to the violent weather and stayed dry. One of their favorite benefits of their ClearSpan structure is the natural light, which allows them to see the quality of the hay and avoid supplemental lighting costs.

 Slack reminded potential customers, “I would recommend ClearSpan anytime. They did a great job helping us figure out what we needed, and it came in only a couple weeks. They’ve been real good to do business with.”

One of the greatest challenges for many industries is how extreme weather can negatively affect materials and compromise the quality of resources. By providing an efficiently protected area, ClearSpan buildings help keep materials dry, while providing plenty of clearance for machinery and workspace. The ClearSpan design allows material to be piled high and wide without space restrictions due to interior obstructions.

These structures have no interior support columns, which allow businesses to maneuver equipment effectively without the fear of causing damage to the building or machinery. Traditional buildings often have dark corners where dirt or pests can hide, adding hours of regular cleaning. ClearSpan fabric covers on the other hand, allow in natural light and the open building design leaves no corner susceptible to problems common in traditional buildings.

With a long line of buildings and design options, ClearSpan meets the requirements of any size business, helping keep production quality high and working environments protected from extreme weather.