Organic Compost Farmers Find Relief Under a Truss Arch Structure

September 27, 2018   

In Peoria, Illinois, Paul and June Rosenbohm take pride in working diligently on their organic composting facility. Their premium, EPA-approved compost is located on a sprawling, 20-acre farm and is turned using windrows. Once the couple secured their composting permit, they began to accept a variety of food scraps from neighboring businesses. It was then that they trademarked their product as Better Earth Premium Organic Compost and became LHF Compost Incorporated.

Despite their initial success, the facility had run into a major, recurring problem. Every time there was ice, snow or rainfall, working conditions became unsafe and production grinded to a halt. Naturally, the couple decided to explore covering options that would protect their compost piles, without breaking the bank. 

When Paul Rosenbohm came across ClearSpan Fabric Structures, he was pleased to learn that the fabric buildings were both American-made and friendly to his budget. The structure Rosenbohm acquired was a 100-foot-wide, 465-foot-long Hercules Truss Arch Building. The impressively sized structure provided exactly the kind of weather proofing that LHF Compost needed in order to continue working all throughout the year.

See what the LHF Compost building looks like in the video below.

light deprivation greenhouse

The dimensions of the structure allow the Rosenbohms to have four rows of compost, each measuring 14 by 7 by 450 feet. Natural light shines through the white fabric cover, illuminating the work space in a way that is pleasant and easy on the eyes. The rooftop is also outfitted with a ridge vent at the peak, helping to funnel out steam and water vapor. “It’s really increased our productivity,” said Rosenbohm. “It’s just a well-built, very strong building.”

Although the occasional tornado may whip through Peoria, that hasn’t affected the integrity of LHF’s Hercules Truss Arch structure. The building has stood up to high winds, tornados and other extreme weather conditions without a single scratch, proving that ClearSpan buildings are engineered to withstand the toughest applications for many years.

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