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Sustainable Warehousing with Fabric Structures

February 10, 2021    The goal for many businesses in 2021 is to try to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and warehouses are no exception. Warehouses are becoming more innovative in their attempts at being eco-friendly, turning to options like automation and retrofitting to become greener. What many operations may be overlooking, though, is […]

Steel Construction Proven Essential During Lumber Shortage

January 26, 2021   In 2020, many industries experienced shortages of essential goods and materials, hindering their operation and causing manufacturing to stall. One of the industries most heavily impacted was the construction industry, with many projects screeching to a halt due to the lack of lumber. The article “The 2020 Lumber Shortage” from Construction Magazine […]

Virginia Tech’s New ClearSpan Field House

January 14, 2021    Virginia Tech has added a new ClearSpan structure to their Rec Sports department. The Rec Sports Field House provides students with space to play intramural sports and participate in training and recreational activities. The building features a strong steel frame with a fabric cover, allowing in ample natural light. The field […]

The Pandemic May Change Architecture, but Fabric Structures Can Help

December 17, 2020    COVID-19 has changed just about every aspect of our daily lives, especially in cities and other crowded areas. As the Los Angeles Times pointed out in their piece “Past Pandemics Changed the Design of Cities. Six Ways COVID-19 Could Do the Same,” COVID-19 has the potential to change the architecture of […]

Sustainable Fabric Structures: An Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Fabric Building

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are more important now than ever before, and operations across all industries are trying their best to adapt to new, greener standards. While the building industry as a whole has not been the most eco-friendly in the past, sustainable practices are becoming more commonplace in an effort to promote change. This […]

How Will Your Building Stand Up to Inclement Weather?

November 12, 2020    No matter where your operation is located, it will likely experience some harsh weather. Whether a business is located in the perpetually rainy Pacific Northwest, the tornado prone Midwest, the hurricane susceptible Gulf Coast or the unpredictable and ever changing Northeast, a strong, secure building is a necessity. Regardless of the […]

Why Every Business Needs a Fabric Structure

October 14, 2020    Choosing the right structure for a business can be a time-consuming, costly and arduous process. Business owners need to make sure the building meets their business’s requirements, all while not breaking the bank. For those looking for a less costly alternative to a traditional building that doesn’t sacrifice quality or strength, […]

ClearSpan Now Offering Custom Social Distancing Solutions for the Workplace

May 20, 2020    ClearSpan is helping businesses across the country reopen by offering custom social distancing building and workspace solutions. As the country loosens its pandemic restrictions, businesses now have more requirements that they have to meet in order to reopen. ClearSpan has expanded their line to include auxiliary buildings to increase workspace, as […]

Fabric Buildings Cost: What Impacts Fabric Building Prices?

Tension fabric structures are known across dozens of industries for their versatility, as well as their budget-friendly nature. This is especially true when compared to more traditional structures, which can carry a steep price tag due to their cost-intensive designs, extensive construction requirements and high long-term operating costs. Despite fabric structures generally being less expensive, […]

Hartford Business Journal covers ClearSpan’s production of temporary disaster structures in response to COVID-19

April 2, 2020    The Hartford Business Journal recently wrote an article on the efforts ClearSpan is taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ClearSpan has recently adjusted their manufacturing facility to provide governments, medical centers and communities with rapidly deployable disaster response structures and medical buildings. Due to the critical need for these structures, […]