How Will Your Building Stand Up to Inclement Weather?

November 12, 2020   

No matter where your operation is located, it will likely experience some harsh weather. Whether a business is located in the perpetually rainy Pacific Northwest, the tornado prone Midwest, the hurricane susceptible Gulf Coast or the unpredictable and ever changing Northeast, a strong, secure building is a necessity. Regardless of the climate a business is located in, they need a building that will stand up to any severe weather it is faced with.

Businesses should be sure to consider the climate of their region when choosing a cladding and frame for their building. ClearSpan offers a variety of covering and frame options to fit the needs of any operation in any location. ClearSpan buildings are constructed with a combination of a durable fabric or metal cladding and a strong, sturdy frame for maximum strength in the face of any weather it may encounter, meeting the needs of any business and any climate.


12.5 oz Polyethylene Cover

ClearSpan’s 12.5 oz. polyethylene has been thoroughly tested to ensure strength and durability. A defining feature of this cover is its rip-stop weave, which stops tears in their tracks and prevents them from spreading. The rip-stop weave makes this cover incredibly strong and durable and able to withstand inclement weather, like hail or heavy rain, without ripping or tearing.

For example, a tree falling into a structure could potentially puncture the cladding and be detrimental to business or halt operations. However, here ClearSpan’s rip-stop weave saves the day. The tear can be stopped and not get any bigger, enabling businesses to continue on with their daily routine as if nothing had happened. The cover itself can be quickly fixed with a patch to ensure it is completely enclosed and also comes with a 20 year warranty.

This cover is also climate-sensitive, making it suitable for any area, no matter how cold or how hot. The cover keeps the inside of the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, providing energy savings to any business regardless of their climate. It also allows in an abundance of natural light, which reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day, providing energy savings as well.


Armor Shield Cover

ClearSpan offers a second exclusive fabric covering option: the Armor Shield Cover. This cover has exceptional strength in even the harshest conditions, as it is comprised of seven layers for added durability and dependability. Armor Shield will hold its own against any inclement weather, as its strength enables this cladding to withstand even the harshest of storms. It is also extensively tested to guarantee a long lifespan.

This strong, 29 oz. architectural fabric is less likely to tear due to hail or falling branches. It is exceptional against high winds and heavy rain and snow due to the construction and tension of the fabric. The layers consist of a strong base fabric, several layers of protective coating, and a dual-sided topcoat. These all provide added durability, as well as helping to repel dirt. In fact, rain is generally enough to keep Armor Shield clean from the outside.

Looking back at the tree example from before, if a similar situation happened with the Armor Shield Cover, these branches would most likely bounce off the cladding, rather than piercing or damaging it, protecting the building, employees and equipment from potential damage.

This cladding is dependable and long-lasting, making it more than capable of withstanding just about any severe weather that might come its way over its long lifespan. Armor Shield has been thoroughly tested and is made from the highest quality materials to ensure it lasts decades and comes with an industry-leading 30-year warranty.


Metal Cladding

ClearSpan’s metal cladding is constructed with grade 80 steel, ensuring strength and durability in even the most demanding environments. Steel’s rigidity helps it to withstand impact from falling branches or high winds and stands up to heavy snow loads and powerful rain.

Metal cladding is ultra-durable, so it will stand up to any type of weather it may encounter. Some may worry about how a metal building will hold up during lightning, but if struck, metal buildings guide the lightning into the ground, ensuring any people and equipment inside the building remain safe.

The steel will not bend under pressure or dent upon impact, so it is perfect for areas where risk of falling branches or debris is prevalent. Metal cladding is also ideal for harsh work environments, as it will stand up to machinery or vehicles running into it. Steel is a resilient, durable, and reliable option for businesses that need exceptional strength and dependability from their building.

In the event of severe weather, a metal building will ensure that any rain or snow is kept outside where it belongs. For example, a business experienced a blizzard, and was worried about the snow and water damaging their equipment. Thanks to their ClearSpan Metal Building, the building was able to withstand the excessive snow fall, keeping all equipment dry and unharmed.



Without a strong frame, though, cladding is not of much use. A sturdy frame is one of the most important components of a structure, because without it, the structure would not stand. ClearSpan offers two frame options: Truss Frames and I-Beam Frames. Truss Frames are generally used with fabric cladding, while I-Beam frames are generally used with metal cladding. However, with some customizations, ClearSpan can put metal on a truss frame and fabric on an i-beam frame.

Truss Frames are constructed from triple-galvanized steel, which is corrosion resistant. This means that it is suited well for environments that often experience harsh weather. They can be constructed up to 300’ wide and at any length. I-Beam Frames, on the other hand, can be built to any size, and are constructed from grade 55 steel for the ultimate strength and durability.

Both Truss Frames and I-Beam Frames are backed by industry-leading 50 year warranties. For I-Beam Frames, they also feature 40 year paint, 20 year substrate, and 1 year workmanship warranties. With these warranties comes peace of mind in knowing that every ClearSpan Building will last for decades.


ClearSpan fabric and metal buildings are sure to withstand any inclement weather, but ClearSpan also offers many accessories that help to equip a building to even better handle the rain, snow or wind that may be thrown its way. Gutters, heaters, windows, doors and more can be added to any building to help make it best suited for the weather that it may encounter. Customers should speak with a ClearSpan Building Specialist in order to customize their building and tailor it to their exact needs.

All in all, ClearSpan fabric and metal buildings will hold strong under any weather conditions. Heavy rain, snow, high winds and more are no match for the strong, durable, and reliable material that Clearspan buildings are known for.

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