Virginia Tech’s New ClearSpan Field House

January 14, 2021   

Virginia Tech has added a new ClearSpan structure to their Rec Sports department. The Rec Sports Field House provides students with space to play intramural sports and participate in training and recreational activities.

The building features a strong steel frame with a fabric cover, allowing in ample natural light. The field house is 40,000 square feet, and the clear span design provides maximum usable space for sports and activities. The structure features a fitness training facility and five multipurpose courts, has heating and cooling systems and features a combination of LED and natural light.

The facility manager pointed out, “It really adds to our spaces and ability to serve our students.”

The field house opened on the first day of the 2020 fall semester, but sports and activities taking place within the building have been modified to adhere to social distancing guidelines amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The ClearSpan structure offers a good space for the school to spread students out and hold non-contact sports, like volleyball, badminton and pickleball. The school also moved some of their gym equipment into the structure to reduce stress on the normal school gym, which now requires pre-registration.

The ClearSpan athletic and recreational facilities provide many benefits for schools and gyms, including maximum usable space, abundant natural lighting, climate-sensitive covers and natural ventilation. These structures are also versatile and easy to relocate if the need arises. Most importantly, fabric buildings provide a comfortable and spacious environment for sports to be played, with no obstructions from internal support posts or distracting shadows that would hinder gameplay.

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