Why Every Business Needs a Fabric Structure

October 14, 2020   

Choosing the right structure for a business can be a time-consuming, costly and arduous process. Business owners need to make sure the building meets their business’s requirements, all while not breaking the bank.

For those looking for a less costly alternative to a traditional building that doesn’t sacrifice quality or strength, look no further than a ClearSpan fabric structure. Fabric structures are a fantastic alternative to a conventional structure, as they are durable, cost-effective and energy efficient. A few of the benefits of fabric buildings are outlined below to show businesses why a ClearSpan fabric structure is the perfect choice for their operation.

 Durability and Strength

The most important feature of a fabric structure is, of course, the fabric. One might think fabric would rip and tear easily, but that is not the case. ClearSpan’s 12.5 oz. fabric cover is made with a rip-stop weave. This prevents potential tears in the fabric and stops tears from spreading in the event that they do occur. This high-quality material is resistant to inclement weather, like snow, hail or high winds, and it also comes with a 20-year warranty.

Also offered is ClearSpan’s exclusive Armor Shield Cover, an architectural fabric with 7 ultra-durable layers for added strength and protection. Armor Shield has undergone extensive tensile strength testing to ensure it will last for decades, and the cover features a 30-year warranty.

ClearSpan offers two types of frames: truss and I-beam. Truss frames require no additional support posts, allowing the maximum amount of space inside the building. Truss frames are made from triple-galvanized steel, which is dependable, strong and tough. Triple-galvanization prevents corrosion and can withstand even the harshest weather. The frame for each fabric structure comes with a 50-year warranty, ensuring every structure has a long lifespan.

I-beam frames are made from grade 55-steel, ensuring maximum strength and reliability. ClearSpan’s I-beam frames are durable, dependable and reliable, and are backed up by a 50-year industry leading warranty. I-beam construction allows buildings to be built to just about any size, so they’re ideal for customers look for a large-scale building solution. The structural integrity and affordable cost of I-beam frames make them a smart choice for those who need maximum strength and durability.


With a lower cost per square foot than a traditional building, a ClearSpan fabric structure is a cost-effective option for any business. Whether a business needs a building for daily operations, to store materials, to house equipment or any other requirement, a fabric structure will meet these needs and then some. Fabric buildings also require less maintenance than conventional buildings, which will save an operation money as well.

When building, foundation costs often take a large portion of the budget. However, ClearSpan offers a cost-effective and exclusive foundation solution. ClearSpan’s exclusive Helical Anchor System drills directly into the ground, shortening construction time and reducing the need for site excavation. While these technically are temporary since they can be removed at any time, helical anchors are strong enough to serve as a permanent foundation for a structure. Another cost-effective foundation option is shipping containers, which also double as storage space. ClearSpan offers the HD Container Building with a foundation of shipping containers for businesses who need added storage and height.

Fabric structures are a cost-effective option for any operation and offer a host of other benefits that will save a business money in the long run. Due to the fabric cover, these buildings are energy-efficient and climate sensitive, which will lower operating costs and help an operation save money in the long term.


Fabric buildings allow natural light to filter into the building, making sure that the interior stays bright during the day. This reduces, and in many cases, can even eliminate the need for artificial lighting inside of the structure during the day. Without the need for artificial lighting, energy costs will, in turn, go down.

The ClearSpan 12.5 oz fabric cover is also climate sensitive, which means that it can keep a building up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer, and up to 20 degrees warmer in the winter. This will help businesses save on heating and cooling costs.

Between lower heating, cooling and electricity costs, a ClearSpan fabric structure can help a business save a considerable amount of money on utilities. This not only makes a fabric building a worthwhile investment, but also makes it a more comfortable environment for employees and customers.

 Versatility and Customization

One of the most important characteristics of a fabric structure is its versatility. A fabric structure can be used for a variety of purposes by a plethora of industries. Whether your business is in aviation, recycling, construction, recreation or another field, a ClearSpan fabric structure will provide your business with exactly what it needs.

Fabric structures can be outfitted with a variety of accessories to help businesses obtain a structure that fits their exact needs. From basic doors and windows to more advanced lights and heating systems, anything is possible with a fabric building.

Buildings can also be customized to even the smallest, most specific need, so a business always gets exactly what they need out of their structure. Buildings can be constructed on very large scales to accommodate needs of a business. For businesses who need a building immediately, Pre-Engineered Truss Arch Buildings are available with a fast construction time to meet pressing needs.

 A ClearSpan fabric structure will provide any business with a durable, dependable building that will last for years to come. With a rip-stop fabric cover and a triple-galvanized steel frame, these buildings are the epitome of strength, durability and dependability. With this durability, however, does not come a high price tag. At a lower cost per square foot than traditional buildings, ClearSpan fabric structures will provide an exceptional value at a lower cost. In fact, these energy-efficient and climate-sensitive structures may even save businesses money on utilities in the long run. With a wide array of covering and foundation options, there is a ClearSpan building that is right for every operation and any requirement, truly living up to their nickname of the “Building of 1,000 uses.”

Janine Coppola