News Archive: August 2018

Aggregate Storage: Three Ways Aggregate Suppliers Can Keep Their Materials Dry

August 30, 2018    Aggregate storage needs run the gamut. From snow removal contractors to backyard landscapers, those that serve the municipal and private sectors need a place to store valuable equipment and materials. Aggregate suppliers know how quickly moisture can accumulate and do irreversible damage to goods. To create and maintain a moisture-free environment, […]

Barn Ventilation Design: Getting it Right

August 10, 2018    The Basics of Barn Ventilation The difference between a hot, musty barn and a cool, fresh-smelling barn is an effective barn ventilation system. This is especially true in livestock applications, where moisture and odor accumulate quickly. Inadequate ventilation is not just uncomfortable for workers, it can make animals develop respiratory health […]

Making the Most of an Indoor Tennis Building

August 3, 2018    In Oregon City, Oregon, one tennis enthusiast decided that if she wanted to practice tennis year-round, it was time to get off the outdoor courts and into an indoor tennis building. After exploring several different options, building owner Heidi chose a 72-foot-wide by 130-foot-long Truss Building, which she built with three […]