News Archive: June 2016

American City & County Highlights Commodity HD Buildings

Last month American City & County caught up with ClearSpan to discuss how the brand new Commodity HD Building can help governments and municipalities.  ClearSpan’s Commodity Buildings are an ideal option for storing aggregate materials, and municipalities can easily store a season’s worth of sand and salt. The best part of these buildings is that […]

ClearSpan Improves Dairy Production with New Dairy Buildings

(SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn.) ClearSpan ™ Fabric Structures announced a new structural solution, the Dairy Building. The structure is outfitted with the dairy industry’s most essential and popular building accessories, allowing farmers to streamline their operation and increase their business potential. The Dairy Building creates a well-ventilated environment that can be utilized year-round for milking and […]

Friends of ClearSpan Featured on Great Big Story

ClearSpan has tackled a wide range of building projects that span from livestock housing to expansive marine storage structures. With the help of the customer and their vision, ClearSpan has constructed some impressive buildings, but what’s even more impressive is how ClearSpan’s customers utilize their buildings.  The Wild Animal Sanctuary, located in Keenesburg, Colorado, worked […]

ClearSpan Shows Off New Commodity Building

ClearSpan unveiled its brand new structure, the Commodity Building. The structure features an open side that simplifies bulk and aggregate storage. The new design is ideal for municipalities, bulk supply, construction and more, due to the open side that provides easy access for multiple vehicles. This design also allows for the structure to be broken […]