News Archive: September 2018

Organic Compost Farmers Find Relief Under a Truss Arch Structure

September 27, 2018    In Peoria, Illinois, Paul and June Rosenbohm take pride in working diligently on their organic composting facility. Their premium, EPA-approved compost is located on a sprawling, 20-acre farm and is turned using windrows. Once the couple secured their composting permit, they began to accept a variety of food scraps from neighboring […]

Fabric Structures: The Ideal Setting for Waste and Recycling Processing

Sept 14, 2018 Businesses that process waste and recycling materials have to contend with more than just day-to-day waste management. It’s equally important to keep materials organized and dry while maintaining good air quality, which is not an easy task when the materials are damp, odorous or hazardous. That’s why structures for dumps and recycling […]